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Nazareth Mosque Dispute Darkens Papal Visit to Israel
Vatican claims Israel is playing Christians and Muslims against each other
Vatican Attempts to Clarify Jesuit's Stance on Religious Pluralism
Belgian Priest writes that some goodness and truth in other religions does not derive from Christ.
Vatican: Protestants Not 'Sister Churches'
Vatican official proclaims Protestant churches not sister churches to the Roman Catholic faith.
Vatican's New Ecumenical Officer May Smooth Relations with Protestants
Walter Kasper has criticized Dominus Iesus for treating Protestant denominations as not churches in the proper sense
Italy's Bishops are Advised to Remove Telecommunications Antennae From Church Spires
General secretary of the Bishops' Conference warns that hidden towers could compromise churches' integrity and spoil their appearance.
Blessed John XXIII's Remains Are Now On View At St Peter's
Second Vatican Council pope becomes only third placed on display in glass coffin.
World's Religions Gather At Assisi to Reject Violence and Call for Peace
The Pope tells religious groups, Violence never again! War never again! Terrorism never again!
Many—But Not All—Churches Share in Opening of Jubilee Door in Rome
Historical ceremony's link to indulgences brings criticism from some Protestant churches
Pope Honors 12 000 Modern Witnesses to Christianity
Orthodox and Protestants join commemoration of twentieth-century martyrs
World Youth Day Hailed as Popestock
Two million young people turn up for Mass in Rome with Pope John Paul.
Not All Religions Equal Declares Pope John Paul II
Jesus is 'unique Savior,' Pope reiterates; other religions called 'incomplete.'
Pope Asks Forgiveness for Past Betrayal of the Gospel
Church's 'children' made mistakes, but the church is sacred, says John Paul II

Top Story March 2, 2021

Christian Lawyers Fight COVID-19 Home Evictions
Christian Lawyers Fight COVID-19 Home Evictions
At legal aid clinics, attorneys ask “Who would Jesus represent in court?”

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