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The Bogus Scandal That Nearly Ruined the Father of Trinitarian Orthodoxy
At least no one brings severed hands to church anymore—right?
Awkward Church Stock Photos: The Inky Sleeves
Jesus was a counter-cultural rebel, yo!
Awkward Church Stock Photos: Church Is More Metal Than You'll Ever BeSubscriber Access Only
Fun sanctuary décor idea: human bones. Mountains of them. Everywhere.
Awkward Church Stock Photos: The Siskel and Ebert
"Great sermon, pastor!"
Innovative Church Practices, Inspired by Stock Photos: The Abandoned GuitarSubscriber Access Only
Drop that guitbox, broheim.
Awkward Church Stock Photos: The Scary CrossSubscriber Access Only
Back! Back, I say!
Corpse Trials and Other Perils of Church Politics
I guess that's one way to handle a church staff change . . .
Shoving Your Church Rivals out of Windows for Fun and Profit
Fear of persecution got you down? Seventeenth-century Prague has an elegant solution.
The Beard-Battle that Almost Split Christendom
A fond look back at the time when growing facial hair was an excommunication-worthy offense.
The Illegal Cookout That Sparked the Swiss Reformation
Who would have thought that an unassuming plate of sausages could ignite a revolution?
Innovative Church Practices, Inspired by Stock Photos: The Bible SnifferSubscriber Access Only
Your pew Bibles should always smell, like, super good.
In the Gorgeous 'Your Name,' Love Is a LiturgySubscriber Access Only
Makoto Shinkai’s body-swap anime shows how habit and happenstance refine desire.
How Methodists Invented Your Kid's Grape Juice Sugar High
The weird story behind the church's go-to communion wine substitute.

Top Story May 27, 2020

Who Am I That I Should Lead?
Who Am I That I Should Lead?
Some people need warnings to avoid the spotlight. Others need encouragement to step up.

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