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Sex Offenders in the Pew
How churches are ministering to society's most despised.
Success, Honor, and the Legacy of Joe Paterno
Why the world should never forget the football coach after the sex abuse scandal at Penn State.
Make Room for Me
New research reveals what Millennials like—and don’t like—about churches, and what we can do to reach them.
Inside the Church Building of 2017
What's hot, what's next, and what needs to die.
Sex Offenders: Coming to a Church Near You
How churches, ready or not, are ministering to society's most despised
Shouldn't a Ban on Sex-Selective Abortions in America Be a No-Brainer?
In the war on women, two very different battles are being fought.
Half the Sky Is Falling
'Unnatural Selection' traces the world's missing girls back to powerful Western institutions.
The Holocaust Happening Right Under Our Noses
In some countries, hearing "It's a girl" is no cause for celebration—it's a death sentence. A new film captures global gendercide.
Affirming the Strength in Women
Help the women in your church discover how strong they really are.
Church Design Trends for the Next Decade
Prepare to see more bulletproof nursery walls and outdoor fireplaces.
Waking Up the Church to Gender Injustice
A CT interview with "Half the Sky" coauthor Nicholas Kristof.
Joining the Race for Clean Water
Why lace up your sneakers when you could just write a check? A personal look at what’s driving the charity running craze.
Bringing Justice to Bangladesh
How one young leader discovered a piece of God’s heart
Playing It Safe
How one children's ministry director goes to bat for protecting kids.
Genocide in Shades of Pink
What if every female in America suddenly disappeared? It would feel a lot like Asia, where sex-selective abortion has taken 163 million girls. How the gospel is slowly turning the tide on the quiet holocaust.
What Makes Your Church Your Church?
3 building blocks to help you tell your story.

Top Story March 2, 2021

Christian Lawyers Fight COVID-19 Home Evictions
Christian Lawyers Fight COVID-19 Home Evictions
At legal aid clinics, attorneys ask “Who would Jesus represent in court?”

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