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Members Snooze to Avoid Eviction
Besieged President Resigns
Shooting Aftermath: Parents Take Aim at Hollywood
Parents of slain classmates say media are to blame.
Virgin Birth Under Dispute
The new Jesus seminar discounts the Virgin birth
Divided Pentecostal Groups to Pursue Unity
Y2K Boon to Missionary Supplier
Wiccans Practice on U.S Bases
God on the Gridiron
Should there be a wall of separation between the church and football?
Homosexual Job Protection Revived
Sects: Watch Tower Undergoes Corporate Shakeup
Jehovah's Witnesses organization changing structure
Public Schools: California parents protest Muslim simulations.
Parents allege kids 'forced' to simulate Islam
Out in the Cold?
Salvation Army sued for asking employees to support its mission
Mormon History Under Scrutiny
Film: Suit Filed Over Omega Code
Omega Code
Worldwide Church of God Joins NAE
Worldwide Church of God Joins NAE
Christian Science: Sect Polishes Image
Y2K Preparation Guide
Is Dead?
Investors lost faith in, was extinguished, and Crosswalk is being run over. What happened to the for-profit Christian Web site boom?

Top Story September 19, 2020

God Knew What He Was Doing When He Gave Jesus Two Family Trees
God Knew What He Was Doing When He Gave Jesus Two Family Trees
How to sort out the many disparities between the genealogies of Matthew and Luke.

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