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Leading by NamingSubscriber Access Only
Better Ways to Deliver God's WordSubscriber Access Only
Mark Labberton, Kate Bruce, and Keith Drury discuss better ways to deliver God's Word.
A Mighty River or a Slippery Slope?Subscriber Access Only
Examining the cultural and theological forces behind the new interest in justice.
Between "Failure" and "Fraud"Subscriber Access Only
I hear two voices—assessing, accusing. Which will I listen to?
Our Daunting HopeSubscriber Access Only
Can preaching really change anyone?
Setting ExpectationsSubscriber Access Only
Set expectations for yourself and others that align with God's call on your life and ministry.
How to Pray for ObamaSubscriber Access Only
What should we ask of God for this new administration?
Pastor of DesperationSubscriber Access Only
The Art of DyingSubscriber Access Only
Urgent Care: HomosexualitySubscriber Access Only
Minister with grace and love to LGBT people.
Name CallingSubscriber Access Only
How we label others and ourselves gives life and takes it away.
BOOKS: A Christian ManifestoSubscriber Access Only
Betty's Secret IngredientSubscriber Access Only
Is magnanimity the reputation of your church?
Following Jesus through Cancer: A Final Conversation with Steve HaynerSubscriber Access Only
The former IVCF and Columbia Seminary president spoke with longtime friend Mark Labberton last fall.
Practicing Biblical Justice
This resource is designed to help you understand what the Bible says about God's heart for justice and what it looks like to live that out in your church.
Nothing But TimeSubscriber Access Only
What to Pray for a New PresidentSubscriber Access Only
Seeking God's blessing for a pluralistic, conflicted, and divided nation.
The Lima Bean GospelSubscriber Access Only
The Good News is so much bigger than we make it out to be.
The Real Worship War
Forget about choruses versus hymns—what about justice?
Elemental PreachingSubscriber Access Only
The irreducible qualities of gravity, light, and air give life to a sermon and to those who hear it.
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