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Faith-Based Fight: White House moves forward with or without Senate.
"White House moves ahead on regulatory, funding fronts"
Saved by sonogram
Ultrasounds help crisis pregnancy centers reduce abortion
Christians back abstinence-fidelity plan against deadly virus
John Kerry's Open Mind
The candidate has roots in liberal Catholicism, establishment Protestantism, and secular idealism.
Major Case on Minors
Parental notification laws, under consideration by Supreme Court, are expanding.
New Study Answers Many Criticisms of White House's Plans
Hudson Institute's Fruitful Collaborations underscores the need for hiring freedom
NAE Rights Its Ship
Outgoing president put the association back in the black
Land of Warlords
Unconfirmed report on martyrdom deepens gloom for Christians.
A Law that Shouldn't be Cloned
New Jersy legalizes human cloning for research.
Better Late Than Never
U.S. announces first sanctions following 1998 law.
Court Decision Worries Churches
Kelo puts religious property at risk.
Medical-Record War Heats Up
Two Kansas abortion clinics refuse to comply with court order.
Adventist Marine Under Fire
Pacifist court-martialed for refusing to pick up his weapon.
Failed Compromise on Gay Rights
Dobson-backed bill scuttled by Left and Right.
State of the Unions
Administration proposes plan to teach couples relationship skills
Freedom fighters: Groups protest Sudan policy stalemate.
Observers say there's a long road to go for peace
Not Far from the Brahmin Tree
Kerry's morals have been shaped by an old Protestant establishment.
Evangelicals Advise on Muslim Dialogue
"But hastily called meeting fails to include Franklin Graham, Falwell, and Robertson"
Election Day Jitters
Low voter turnout may hinder profamily agenda
Another Small Step for Life
Recent federal bill recognizes the humanity of the fetus for the first time.

Top Story November 26, 2020

Life and Death in ‘The Land of the Clouds’
Life and Death in ‘The Land of the Clouds’
In the mountains of Papua, missionaries and Indonesian professionals serve the lost together.

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