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An Apology to the Christian 99%, from the 1%
You don’t exist to help professional ministry leaders fulfill the Great Commission. We exist to help you do it.
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Patrons of the Evangelical MindSubscriber Access Only
"Why has evangelical scholarship soared in the last few decades? Native intellectual talent is one reason, to be sure. But an infusion of cash didn't hurt"
Nous, le un pour cent des chrétiens, présentons nos excuses aux quatre-vingt-dix-neuf autres pour cent de chrétiens
Vous, les 99 %, n'existez pas pour aider les professionnels du ministère à accomplir le Grand Mandat missionnaire. C’est nous qui existons pour vous aider à le faire.
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How to Protect Endangered Religious Groups You AdmireSubscriber Access Only
When religious liberty and billions of dollars for the poor and oppressed are threatened.
Norway Part 2: Dead Man ConvertingSubscriber Access Only
King Olaf Haraldsson had only moderate success at converting his people—until a year after he was killed in battle.
Recovery MinistriesSubscriber Access Only
One amazing way churches can live out the gospel is by offering recovery ministries like support groups and counseling.
Discipling in a Digital AgeSubscriber Access Only
Address the challenges of a hyper-connected world as you disciple a digital-native generation toward fullness in an unchanging Christ.
Trends and CultureSubscriber Access Only
How to live in a culture that is constantly changing and, surprisingly, staying the same.
Um Pedido de Perdão do 1% de Cristãos aos Outros 99%
Você não existe para ajudar líderes profissionais de ministérios a cumprirem a grande comissão. Nós existimos para ajudar você a cumpri-la.
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Una Disculpa al 99% de los Cristianos de Parte del 1%
Ustedes no existen para ayudar a los líderes de ministerios profesionales a cumplir la Gran Comisión. Nosotros existimos para ayudarlos a ustedes a hacerlo.
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Why Christians Should Care about Nelson Mandela, Justice, and Gospel ProclamationSubscriber Access Only
An imperfect leader, Mandela pursued justice in a god-fearing way that should inspire us.

Top Story February 16, 2020

My Husband Is Deconstructing His Faith. How Do I Journey with Him?
My Husband Is Deconstructing His Faith. How Do I Journey with Him?
This Valentine’s Day, some of us are called to love unbelieving wives and husbands.

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