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How to Wait for a Slow-Moving MessiahSubscriber Access Only
Advent, says author Enuma Okoro, teaches us how to wait on a God whose timetable looks nothing like ours.
The Church Deserves Better than Ugly DecorationsSubscriber Access Only
Neither Granny’s castoffs nor HGTV trends belong in church buildings.
The History We’d Prefer to ForgetSubscriber Access Only
Why we pass on pain to the next generation.
Ketika Saya Dilarang Menghadiri Gereja, Saya Belajar Menumbuhkan Iman 'di Kejauhan'
5 pelajaran untuk ber-gereja bersama di saat kita tinggal terpisah.
When a Midlife Crisis Becomes SeriousSubscriber Access Only
And how the church can turn midlife into prime time for the entire community.
'Happy Holidays' in Church?Subscriber Access Only
While some Christian groups continue the battle over seasons-greetings language, I wonder if many churches are forsaking the reason for the season.
Would Jesus Walk Away from a Mortgage?Subscriber Access Only
Reflections from an underwater home owner.
Christ and My Curly HairSubscriber Access Only
Attempts to undo my wiry hairdo had grown to idolatrous proportions - and taken up three whole months of my life.
Why Boys Are Failing in the ClassroomSubscriber Access Only
The author of 'Why Boys Fail' says females now have an unfair academic advantage in most schools—and that the pendulum needs to swing back.
The Hutterites: Beyond Bonnets and BuggiesSubscriber Access Only
A review of 'I Am Hutterite', Mary Ann Kirkby's memoir of growing up in a radical Anabaptist community.
The Trouble with Confessing in ChurchSubscriber Access Only
As blogger Anne Jackson's new book makes clear, our church culture will need to change before individual confession won't turn into gossip.
How Adulthood Is Like High School All Over AgainSubscriber Access Only
Churches need to recognize the awkward teenager inside each of us.
My Teenager Made Me Finally Grow Up
The unexpected surrender of parenting adolescents
Raised in a Christian CultSubscriber Access Only
‘Girl at the End of the World’ adds to an important line of ex-fundamentalist survivor stories.
No perdemos nuestra sexualidad con la edad
Equilibrando el amor, el deseo, y las demandas de la mediana edad.
Why Advent Is More Jewish Than You Think
As a Messianic Jew, I see the rich origins of this liturgical season.
Middle-Aged Women Face a Crisis of DiscipleshipSubscriber Access Only
Are churches missing out on discipling those in midlife?
Five Books That Capture the Blessings of Getting OlderSubscriber Access Only
Chosen by Michelle Van Loon, author of "Becoming Sage: Cultivating Meaning, Purpose, and Spirituality in Midlife" (Moody Publishers).
Why Friends Disappear When You Reach MidlifeSubscriber Access Only
Why loneliness can plague women in their 50s.
Why Nancy Sleeth Wants You to Be a Bit More AmishSubscriber Access Only
The message of 'Almost Amish' is, fittingly, simple: How we live matters.

Top Story August 5, 2020

Lebanon Was Already in Turmoil. Then Came the Blast.
Lebanon Was Already in Turmoil. Then Came the Blast.
An evangelical Christian leader’s grief over a divided—and now devastated—country.

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