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Now You See Me
The caper film is just engaging and playful enough to be entertaining on the whole, but may leave you feeling slightly more robbed than wowed.
The Conjuring
Can a horror film offer rest for our souls?
Epic is inventive and lively, but lacks a solid core to root its concern for the natural world.
Deception's Darkness
Seeking the light in the films of Christopher Nolan.
What kind of love can cast away fear from the Disney Princess?
Muppets Most Wanted
The Muppets have always been about family - and this movie makes it clear what holds them together.
VFF 2013—Day 2: 'Le Joli Mai' and 'A Touch of Sin'
Two films that ask us: Do you understand your sin?
Prayer, Dark Mysticism, and Flannery: A Conversation with Scott Derrickson
The director of 'Deliver Us From Evil'—and Marvel's pick for 'Dr. Strange'—talks about faith, evil, and why he makes horror movies.
Deliver Us From Evil
The biggest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing us he didn't exist.
The Boxtrolls
They worked so hard on the animation that they forgot to write a good story.
Lee Daniels' The Butler
Juxtaposition—of a father and son, and of a country—captures some of the complex truth of racism and the civil rights movement.
The Book of Life
Visually splendid tale of myth and wonder, though not without some disappointingly modern conclusions.

Top Story October 21, 2020

Turks and Armenians Reconcile in Christ. Are Azeris Next?
Turks and Armenians Reconcile in Christ. Can Azeris Join Them?
Confessing the genocide, Turkish evangelicals seek forgiveness on behalf of their nation. With ongoing war in Nagorno-Karabakh, is there a path forward also with Azerbaijan’s believers?

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