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Religious Riots in Nigeria Leave Hundreds DeadSubscriber Access Only
Leaders condemn the use of religion as a tool for violence
Muslims Aim to End TelevangelismSubscriber Access Only
Muslims Aim to End Televangelism
Nigeria On the Brink of Religious WarSubscriber Access Only
Northern states adopt Islamic law, increasing Christian-Muslim tensions.
Archbishop Proposes to Die in Place of Woman Sentenced to StoningSubscriber Access Only
Okogie’s offer is a protest against Nigeria’s Islamic Shari‘ah law.
Hostel Fire Kills 26 Christian Students in NigeriaSubscriber Access Only
Country reels from story of schoolgirls trapped behind locked doors and barred windows.
Back to the BasicsSubscriber Access Only
Christian-Muslim violence requires a 'new' missions strategy: Forgiveness and love.
A Kinder, Gentler Shari'ah?Subscriber Access Only
Muslim states continue pressuring Christians.
Nigeria: Islamic Law Raises TensionsSubscriber Access Only
Nigeria: Orphaned and WidowedSubscriber Access Only
Christian families devastated since Shari'ah law adopted
School Decision Irks MuslimsSubscriber Access Only
Nigeria: Will Shari'a Law Curb Christianity?Subscriber Access Only
Gombe, a north Nigerian state, creates a council of faiths to deal with fears over Islamic law.
New Leaders Emerging After Civil WarSubscriber Access Only
New Leaders Emerging After Civil War
Eye for an Eye for an EyeSubscriber Access Only
Are Nigeria's deadly religious riots really about religion?
Nigerian State Rejects Islamic LawSubscriber Access Only
Government commission says residents don't want shari'a in Gombe
Nigeria: Moving Toward War?Subscriber Access Only
Deadly riots lead to suspension of Islamic law.
'Focused Determined Deliberate' DestructionSubscriber Access Only
Ecumenical leader calls on Nigeria to deal with religious violence between Muslims and Christians.
'African Church Has Come of Age,' Say African Anglican BishopsSubscriber Access Only
It now faces the dual threat of Western heresy and militant Islam.
Materialism, Heresy Plague ChurchesSubscriber Access Only
Christians and Muslims at Odds Over Nigerian ConstitutionSubscriber Access Only
Calls made to limit Shari'ah law in Northern states
Africa's Anglican Bishops' Conference Begins TuesdaySubscriber Access Only
Homosexuality and women ordination tops agenda.
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