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Our American President: The 'Almost Pastor' of an 'Almost Chosen' LandSubscriber Access Only
How Christians might think about the type of leader they vote into the presidency.
The Bible, Gender, and 'Dad-Mom' Debate ContinuesSubscriber Access Only
Owen Strachan offers a rejoinder to Laura Ortberg Turner's critique.
Tiger Dads vs. Sexualized Daughters
Why one of our parental duties is to protect our children physically and spirituality by teaching them to be modest.
The Second Life of the Man Who Wouldn’t Run on Sunday
How Eric Liddell, the hero of 'Chariots of Fire,' laid aside Olympic glory for the missions field.
Why We Should Reexamine the Faith of Barack ObamaSubscriber Access Only
How Christians might think about the Gospel and the President.
Three Views: After Domestic Violence, Why Should a Christian Wife Call the Police, Not a Pastor, First?
Addressing a sin that afflicts 1 in 4 US women.
Evangelism as Sacrament
Velcroed to a high-felt need: Jerry Root says evangelism is seeing how God is already working in someone's life.
Hip-Hop Theologians and Preachers
The artists most shaping the movement.
Yes, You Can Drink Beer and Watch Game of ThronesSubscriber Access Only
But do you need to? Will it further your pursuit of holiness?
Tim Keller: Emotion Isn't the Caboose to FaithSubscriber Access Only
Tim Keller says Christianity needs to make emotional sense before it can make rational sense.
'God Is Not a Genie in a Bottle': Ways We Misuse the Bible
Why Eric J. Bargerhuff says we must avoid twisting Bible verses for our own advantage.
Is Your Faith Slipping into Maintenance Mode?
Maybe you're not crashing and burning. But it's dangerous to stay stuck in neutral.
After Turning Theological, Christian Hip-Hop Turns Critical
What Shai Linne's takedown of Joyce Meyers suggests about Reformed rap.
Our Shaken Faith in FootballSubscriber Access Only
Should Christian fans step away from such a physically devastating, violent sport?
Atheists in the Foxholes—as ChaplainsSubscriber Access Only
Why the military's inclusion of non-believing chaplains matters.
Given Deborah, Jael, and Judith, Why Shouldn't Women Serve in Combat?
Three views on the warrior women of the Bible and today, as the Pentagon announces it's lifting the ban.
Chuck Colson Was Not a Culture WarriorSubscriber Access Only
And anyway, he stopped “winning” his battles a long time ago.

Top Story April 4, 2020

When I Was a Health Risk to Society
When I Was a Health Risk to Society
My radioactive body brought me shame. But I learned how to bring my fears to the Cross.

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