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Into the Silent Land
A Guide to the Christian Practice of Contemplation
Spirituality Squared
Webber's Divine Embrace touches both head and heart.
A Nation of ‘Suspect Thy Neighbor’
The mom of a Muslim convert reflects on our impulse to assume the worst.
Redeeming the Race Discussion
Brenda Salter McNeil on what it will take for our nation to heal
Charleston and the Resilience of Wednesday Night Church
A year later, the mid-week prayer meeting is more important than ever.
Why ‘Follow Your Passions’ Is Bad Advice for Graduates
Four countercultural insights for outgoing students.
If Your Husband Hits You
A closer look at domestic violence
Why Do We Cling to Scripture? Our Lives Depend on It.
More than other groups, black Americans dive deep into the Word.
Praying the Psalms
James Sire teaches us to Pray Through the Psalms.
What Forgotten Christmas Tradition Should Churches Revive?
Rooting our celebration of Christ’s birth more deeply in our lives.
Is It Okay for a Christian To…?
Replacing our frantic Googling with God’s peace.
The Dead White Man Who Could Fix Our Race Problem: Oswald Chambers
As a black woman wrestling with racism in America, I lean on a Scottish theologian’s four key insights.
Second-half Calling
Former TCW editor asks women to seek purpose after kids leave home.
Your Best Years Are Not Behind You
God needs willing workers, not necessarily young ones.
A White Cop and a Black Lady
Talking After Ferguson, Hands Down, a guest post by Patricia Raybon
Bridging the Mother/Daughter Divide
A Christian mother, a Muslim daughter, and their path to peace
Fight Back With God
After Charleston, we stand together in faith.
An Innocent Black Man Forgave the Crooked White Cop Who Framed Him
And that’s good news—but not cause for ignoring larger patterns of injustice.

Top Story November 30, 2020

Where Are the Other Fake Fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Where Are the Other Fake Fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Sixteen forgeries have been discovered so far in the collections of unsuspecting evangelicals. Experts have suspicions about many more.

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