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Will We Ever Get Beyond Race?
After Trayvon Martin, we need only look to churches to see a glimmer of potential.
Shelve Your Passions
Passion is a wonderful thing. But it should not be the sole means by which we discern calling.
On Being An Angry ______ Person
For minorities, there is a big difference between having an anger problem and having a problem that makes you angry.
How To Be A Christlike Ally
Many of us want to be allies to our African American brothers and sisters but don't know how. The incarnation of Jesus shows us the way.
The Day I Became a Man
There is a time for lament, and a time for lament to cease. An excerpt from Peter's new book.
We Are More Than '21'
The '21' showed us that despite our differences, we are one family in Christ.
Blindsided by God … But Never Betrayed
How setbacks in my life revealed the Lord's true character.
A Dad's Perspective: Why I Tell My Daughters to Dress Modestly
Replacing the restrictions of modesty with the appropriate attire of Christian love.
Why I Stopped Hating Christian Music
It's easy to hate on Christian music, but Christian musicians often find themselves in impossible terrain.
Why I Celebrate Black History Month
Black history month is not just for black people. It's for all people.
What Not to Say to a Dad With Four Kids
Generalize not, lest ye be generalized
What It's Like to Be Third Culture, and Why It Matters to the Church
The cultural terrain immigrants must navigate is difficult, but is also a source of strength.
Really, It's Okay To Be Single
In order to protect marriage, we should be careful not to denigrate singleness.
When Pastors Lose Their Swagger
When pastors lose their swagger, they find the true heart of ministry.
Please Stop Asking 'But What About...?'
True sympathy is wonderful. Playing one form of suffering against another is not.
'Daddy, Why Do People Steal from Us?'
How I answered the question would prove crucial to addressing racial divides in our D.C. neighborhood.
Why Pastors Don't Get Political
Pastors often loathe to weigh in on controversial topics. There are reasons.
Third Culture
Faith...from the hyphenated point of view
No Such Thing As Convenient Christianity
Convenience is deeply engrained in American life. But it has no place in the life of faith.
When Disappointment Is The Best Thing For Us
Disappointment really hurts. But perhaps it hurts for an important reason.

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