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The Chronicles of AtheismSubscriber Access Only
When The Golden Compass hits theaters this month, many will be introduced to the works of Philip Pullman, a writer who detests C.S. Lewis's fantasy world.
In the Valley of ElahSubscriber Access Only
Top Ten Jesus MoviesSubscriber Access Only
They've been making films about the Son of God for over a century. Here's one man's list of those that ascend to the top of the cinematic pack.
Herbie: Fully LoadedSubscriber Access Only
Akeelah and the BeeSubscriber Access Only
UnsettledSubscriber Access Only
A Box Office Exodus?Subscriber Access Only
The animated Ten Commandments didn't draw much of a crowd to the cineplex, but the company behind the movie is optimistic about its future Bible films.
ShortsSubscriber Access Only
The latest kids' flick from Robert Rodriguez is silly, chaotic and illogical, but in a way that makes it seem all the more childlike.
Deeper into TerabithiaSubscriber Access Only
Bridge to Terabithia author Katherine Paterson says a story reveals a writer's faith, whether she likes it or not.
I, RobotSubscriber Access Only
Beyond the GatesSubscriber Access Only
Surf's UpSubscriber Access Only
Debunking Jesus?Subscriber Access Only
Director Brian Flemming, a self-described "atheist Christian," is trying to prove that the historical Jesus never existed in his new documentary, The God Who Wasn't There.
Angels & DemonsSubscriber Access Only
The sequel to The Da Vinci Code is marginally more entertaining and a bit better in its treatment of religion, but it's still fundamentally silly and inaccurate.
BobbySubscriber Access Only
The OmenSubscriber Access Only
FireproofSubscriber Access Only
On Fire at Jesus CampSubscriber Access Only
A new documentary depicts charismatic kids who are articulate and take faith seriously. But have they been "indoctrinated"? Is it a fair representation of evangelicals? Or too political? We asked the directors.
Still GrowingSubscriber Access Only
Kirk Cameron, best known as a teen idol in Growing Pains, has been in a lot of Christian movies lately—including Fireproof, from the makers of Facing the Giants.
Luther, Luther, Luther!Subscriber Access Only
Comparing three cinematic versions of the life of the great Reformer, including the 2003 edition, which releases to video today.
Syrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
Syrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
Preemptive Love’s Jeremy Courtney says despite the Turkey deal, “This crisis shows no sign of letting up, and we can’t either.”
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