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What The Prince of Egypt Won’t Tell You
The Old Testament should come with a warning: Don't read Exodus without also reading Deuteronomy.
Jesus’ Unanswered Prayers
When Jesus prayed to the one who could save him from death, he did not get that salvation; he got instead the salvation of the world.
Getting to Know Me
In most ways important to God, I had failed miserably.
The Back Page | Philip Yancey: God at Large
A look around the globe reveals a God as big as we want him to be
The Back Page | Philip Yancey: Beyond Flesh and Blood
I used to disdain biblical talk of invisible spirits. No more
Was Just Wondering…
Twenty questions that nag me after September 11
"Blood, Part 2: The Miracle of Life"
A well-known surgeon talks about that miraculous red river within us as an emblem of life
Cry, the Beloved Continent
Don't let AIDS steal African children's future.
The Lost Sex Study
If we make a god of sexuality, that god will fail in ways that affect the whole person and perhaps the whole society.
A Tale of Two Sisters
Can we find a place for both shame and grace?
The Back Page | Philip Yancey: Lessons from Rock Bottom
The church can learn about grace from the recovery movement.
Living with Furious Opposites
Grace blossoms in affliction, triumph arises out of failure, hope abounds amidst struggle—and on it goes.
Middle East Morass
Learning to regard people in light of what they suffer.
Jim Bakker Made Me Do It
It's Not About the Crusades
The clash with Islam is over new global realities.
God's Writing Life
Our Creator has chosen a medium that is the most challenging of all.
The Benefits of Brokenness
Why I sometimes wish I was an alcoholic.
Intensive Care Week
Thoughts while sitting beside my brother as his brain and body failed.
'O, Evangelicos!'
We need not abandon our name—just live up to it.
How can we know an invisible God?

Top Story October 20, 2020

How Culture Shapes Sermons
How Culture Shapes Sermons
Recent books on culturally distinct preaching challenge misconceptions and equip diverse pastors to better address a multiethnic world.

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