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Letters to PhilipSubscriber Access Only
The Jesus We Never GotSubscriber Access Only
Elijah stands for what I want in a God: someone to offer an escape route around life's messiest problems.
My Gallery of SaintsSubscriber Access Only
Examples of Christians who dispense grace.
Jesus, the Reluctant Miracle WorkerSubscriber Access Only
Clearly, Jesus did not come to solve "the problem of pain" while on earth.
The Back Page | Philip Yancey: Replenishing the Inner PastorSubscriber Access Only
Churches should take greater interest in their shepherds' spiritual health
Perestroika of the SpiritSubscriber Access Only
"In Russia, the vocabulary of faith needs interpreters"
Doubting the DoomsayersSubscriber Access Only
Thank God not everything they say is true.
Forgetting GodSubscriber Access Only
Why decadence drives out discipline.
PHILIP YANCEY: What Surprised JesusSubscriber Access Only
The Back Page | Philip Yancey:Would Jesus Worship Here?Subscriber Access Only
Across the world, God moves in mysterious ways.
Church in StateSubscriber Access Only
In post-Communist Germany, Christian political involvement is surging.
Thanksgiving in the Midst of FearSubscriber Access Only
Seriously ill in the days of the Black Plague, poet John Donne still celebrated God's goodness
Doctor's OrdersSubscriber Access Only
Escaping the BulletsSubscriber Access Only
A speaking tour in India led to a few close calls.
Pastoral VisitationSubscriber Access Only
Learn how to minister in difficult moments.
Confessions of a RacistSubscriber Access Only
It wasn't until after Martin Luther King, Jr.'s death that I was struck by the truth of what he lived and preached.
Disappointment with TrotskySubscriber Access Only
Having a Bad Hymn DaySubscriber Access Only
The Newer, Thinner MeSubscriber Access Only

Top Story July 2, 2020

Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.

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