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Obama Uses Sermon on the Mount to Elevate SpeechesSubscriber Access Only
The president has used the mountainside sermon several times in recent years to explain policy.
Christian Retailers Seek Federal Probe of CompetitorsSubscriber Access Only
CBA asks Justice Department to investigate pricing by larger companies.
Southern Baptist Eyes on Black New Orleans Pastor Subscriber Access Only
Court orders Arizona to allow `Choose Life' license platesSubscriber Access Only
Vatican condemns popular infertility treatmentsSubscriber Access Only
If Obama Won't Fight Gay Marriage, Conservatives Will Subscriber Access Only
Obama Notre Dame Speech Draws FireSubscriber Access Only
Centuries-old Treasures PilferedSubscriber Access Only
Conservative Evangelicals Say New Pope Speaks Their Moral LanguageSubscriber Access Only
"He's going to hold the line," says Norm Geisler.
Pope John Paul II, Leader of World's 1 Billion Roman Catholics, Is Dead at 84Subscriber Access Only
Third-longest papacy marked by a passion to evangelize the whole world.
Evangelical Publishers Score Big with Palin BooksSubscriber Access Only
Tyndale picks up earlier title, and Zondervan taps Christian mystery writer.
Calif. War Memorial Cross Ruled Unconstitutional Subscriber Access Only
Poll: Young evangelicals less enthusiastic about McCainSubscriber Access Only
National Association of Evangelicals Calls for Nuclear Cutbacks Subscriber Access Only
Gingrich Woos Skeptical Evangelical Voters Subscriber Access Only
His marital past may be too much for some conservative Republicans.
The Tourist Attraction That Isn't ThereSubscriber Access Only
Alabama's Ten Commandments monument still drawing visitors despite its absence from the state Supreme Court building.
Bush Discusses Iraq and AIDS With Pope in First MeetingSubscriber Access Only
At Easter message, Benedict XVI had lamented, "nothing positive comes out of Iraq."
Kwanzaa QuandarySubscriber Access Only
Some churches debate the place for Kwanzaa.
Micah Challenge USA Urges Focus on Global PovertySubscriber Access Only
Evangelical church leaders plan to circulate letters to presidential candidates.
Architect of Religious Right DiesSubscriber Access Only
Paul Weyrich, who co-founded the Moral Majority with Jerry Falwell in 1979, died this morning.
Scripture and Neuroscience Agree: It Helps to Lament in Community
Scripture and Neuroscience Agree: It Helps to Lament in Community
Through song, liturgy, and communion, the body of Christ inhabits the suffering experienced by its weakest members.
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