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Churches Demolished at Sudanese Refugee Camp
Bulldozers raze prayer centers as part of government re-planning exercise.
A Church Largely on Its Own
Hundreds of missionaries in Ivory Coast pull out after anti-French violence.
Religious Fanatics Wage War
Missions Leaders Refocus on Planting New Churches
Zaire: Churches Grapple for Unity Amid Great Lakes Crisis
Pro-life Activists Deplore Liberal Abortion Law
Congo: Missionaries Flee Amid Latest Fighting
Bringing Order from Chaos
"Churches help with refugees, hunger, and the lasting trauma brought on by war"
Freedom for Sudanese Faith
With new peace accord signed, Christians prepare to meet needs.
Germany: Sects Not So Bad After All?
Ministry Reaches Jewish Émigrés
Hope in Short Supply Amid Liberia's Chaos
Swapping Guns for Sewing Machines
Europe: East Germany Churches Falter
Protestants at Forefront of Tribal Reconciliation
Willow Creek: German Evangelicals Get Seeker Sensitive
Pastors Killed, Churches Burned
New wave of violence begins.

Top Story November 27, 2020

Hope Is More Than a Feeling. It Focuses on Christ’s Future Coming.
Advent: Living Hope
Advent devotional readings from Christianity Today.

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