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When 'Effectiveness' Is Not EffectiveSubscriber Access Only
In Haiti, we have to trust that our labor is not in vain.
Slaughterhouse GospelSubscriber Access Only
Why God dwelling with us meant gruesome rituals.
Solving Poverty Is Rocket ScienceSubscriber Access Only
Christians are among America’s most compassionate people. But we can do a better job responding to the complexity of poverty.
Love the Refugee With the Compassion Christ Has Shown You
A guest post from World Vision's Rich Stearns.
After the Storm, Churches and Relief Organizations Don’t Share the Same Call
Congregations shouldn’t go it alone when there are resources across the body of Christ they can leverage.
Suffering and Rejoicing in a Haitian Tent CampSubscriber Access Only
What I learned in this church surpasses anything I've seen at a stunning cathedral.
Shedding LethargySubscriber Access Only
What it takes to move people from complacency to follow Christ.
Not Just Jobs, Not Just Bibles: The Future of Fighting Extreme PovertySubscriber Access Only
After a generation of massive global progress, aid and mission efforts are pointing the same direction.
Why Christians Should Stop Caring About So Many CausesSubscriber Access Only
True transformation takes focus, not capricious compassion.
Mercy ImpairedSubscriber Access Only
Let's shock the world by reversing our apathy toward African sufferers
Christians Really Do Reduce PovertySubscriber Access Only
Government change often can't get to the root of the problem of poverty. The church does.
Proposed Food Aid Reforms Put International Programs at RiskSubscriber Access Only
In this tight-budget era, what works in theory likely won't result in legislative success.

Top Story July 11, 2020

The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
To bear the image of God is a declaration of dignity that challenges power.

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