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Lite of the World?
The Culturally Savvy Christian says we need to combat superficiality.
The Alamo
Finding Neverland
Suspect Zero
Without a Paddle
The Greatest Game Ever Played
Kung Fu Hustle
The Pink Panther
X-Men: The Last Stand
Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem
Mr. Brooks
Idol Worship?
Christians continue to shine on American Idol even as Christian alternatives to the popular show crop up. Can they co-exist? Can both bring glory to God?
A Rush of Blood to the Head
Alternative pop/rock
Birds of Pray
Anthemic alternative rock
Diamonds on the Inside
Bluesy rock, soul, folk, funk, and reggae
Melodic nü-metal
Make Believe
Modern rock

Top Story February 27, 2021

And Campaign to Add 13 New Chapters During Pandemic
And Campaign to Add 13 New Chapters During Pandemic
Political tensions and growing racial awareness have fueled interest in its message of social justice and biblical morality.

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