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Slideshow: No Need to Fret
Bill Mallonee sings about hardship, but his lyrics are haunted by hope.
Taking Heat
While some take action, most evangelicals in the global South remain lukewarm on climate change.
Under Discussion
What was the most significant change in Christianity over the past decade?
In Jesus' Name
Must Christians pray in public forums using Jesus' name?
The Death of Pro-Life Democrats
Anti-abortion groups lead charge to halve their number in the House.
Are American Evangelicals Stingy?
Observers discuss whether Christians are generous enough with their money.
Warning on Witches
Missionaries may be encouraging witchcraft accusations.
Is Megachurch Worship Addictive?
Scholars, including the coauthor of the recent study alleging that it creates a "high," weigh in.
Sara Zarr Talks Faith, Art, and Imperfect Christians
'How to Save a Life', her newest novel for young adult readers, is about several lives that need saving.
Journalists Link Rising Teen Pregnancy Rates to Bush Administration
Rates of teen pregnancy, STDs rose during 2006-2007. Does this mean abstinence education isn't working?
Mixed Reports on Abortion
The media reports on a new abortion study while "The Gray Lady" shows a different side of the debate.
Gimme that Christian Side Hug
The viral video has received some negative attention over the past few weeks. But the joke's on whom?
'Bridesmaids,' Marriage, and Real Happiness
Where are all the popular stories about happy single women?
The Perils of Christian Chick Lit
How my sugary-sweet chick lit relationships turned on me.
Why Evangelical Leaders Love Pope Benedict XVI (And His Resignation)
Theologians and pastors felt kinship in his passion for theology and his stances on social issues.
Good News, Bad News: Quebec Loses Status as Canada's Least Religious Province
Quebecois's notoriously low 'attachment to religion' finally bottoms out; however, other provinces have fallen to match it.
Blame the Universalists!
One strange explanation of the economic crisis.
What Christians Need to Know about Alternative Medicine
Common practices like yoga and acupuncture have roots in other religions. Are we ignoring that?
Do Celebrity Debates Help Christian Persuasion?
Ken Ham and Bill Nye will debate creationism. Experts discuss whether such debates are helpful.
Is Valentine's Day a Lose-Lose Holiday?
The single and dating come together to try to redeem the commercialized extravaganza.

Top Story October 30, 2020

God’s Call on the Politically Ambivalent Christian
God’s Call on the Politically Ambivalent Christian
Don’t let partisan extremes and animosities prevent you from entering the arena for the sake of the common good.

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