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One 'Major Step'
Saudi Arabia's promise to curb abuses raises cautious hope.
Values Clash
Calvin College's denominational requirements make diversity a challenge.
Is 'Let Him Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stone' Biblical?Subscriber Access Only
Scholars are cautious about the story of the woman caught in adultery.
Black Flight
African American churches leave the inner city for the suburbs.
Nigeria: Christian Movie Capital of the World
Spirituality fuels Nollywood's booming film industry.
Homeless Shelters Face Sharp Cutbacks
The feeding programs and shelters are becoming a shrinking circle of protection despite best efforts by churches and ministries.
How Not to Care for Widows
After her husband's death, a typical East African widow may face property theft or eviction. But faith-based advocates are turning the tables.
What You Need to Know About the Hidden Benefits (and Costs) of New Prenatal TestsSubscriber Access Only
Significant scientific leaps offer more information—and decisions—to expecting mothers.
Iranian Christian Women AcquittedSubscriber Access Only
Longest State Effort to Save Marriage Fails to Reduce DivorceSubscriber Access Only
More than a dozen years and $70 million still result in America's third-highest divorce rate.
When Sexual Abuse Comes to Light
How a generation of children, sexually abused overseas, aims to protect others before it happens.
Road to Damascus Wasn't Enough: Apostle Paul Questions Nearly Get Christian DeportedSubscriber Access Only
Asylum seekers keep getting denied for not knowing enough about Christianity. But judges keep giving them a second chance.
Methodists Debate Punishing Pastors Who Perform Same-Sex MarriagesSubscriber Access Only
New York bishop halts church trials that 'produce no winners,' while opponents say avoiding church discipline increases likelihood of schism.
Popular Pastor Resigns after 'Moral Failure,' But Followers Still Want His SermonsSubscriber Access Only
Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale explains why it took down Bob Coy's teachings on marriage.
Are Pastors' Homes That Different?
Church and state rally to defend $700 million tax break.
Ron Luce, World Magazine Debate Why Teen Mania Is One of America's Most Insolvent CharitiesSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Acquire the Fire leader says investigation 'included false statements, errors and misperceptions.' World reveals audit advice as evidence.
Suicide of Pastor's Kid Prompts (Some) Soul-Searching Among Ergun Caner CriticsSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) After death of 15-year-old Braxton Caner, the online Christian watchdog world assesses whether one of its own went too far.
Hong Kong Christians Lead Protests for DemocracySubscriber Access Only
As the island city braces for another week of gridlock, faith is in the foreground.
Revisiting Evangelicals' Favorite Same-Sex Marriage LawsSubscriber Access Only
Indiana draws criticism while Utah draws praise in latest attempts to balance religious and gay rights.
Forgive Us Our Debts: Family Christian Turns to the Law for Grace
The Bible debate inside the bankrupt bookstore chain's searches for a new buyer.

Top Story April 8, 2020

Coronavirus Searches Lead Millions to Hear About Jesus
Coronavirus Searches Lead Millions to Hear About Jesus
Tens of thousands have clicked to pray for salvation since the outbreak. Is the increase temporary or a harbinger of greater gospel witness online?

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