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Pro-Evolution Tenured Professor Laid Off from Nazarene UniversitySubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) President puts Tom Oord's termination on hold after three-quarters of faculty vote 'no confidence.'
Hope College and Belmont University to Offer Benefits to Same-Sex SpousesSubscriber Access Only
Baylor, Fuller, Gordon, and other colleges affirm traditional sexual ethics.
Wheaton College Recommends Terminating Tenured Professor over 'Same God' CommentsSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Larycia Hawkins ‘flummoxed and flabbergasted’ by decision; Chicago Tribune had praised 'remarkable tolerance' of both sides.
Bob Jones University Apologizes for Failing Sexual Abuse VictimsSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) 300-page GRACE report recommends BJU impose 'corrective action' on chancellor Robert Jones III.
Former Member Accepts Acts 29 Megachurch Apology in Church Discipline Case Subscriber Access Only
Matt Chandler says Village Church will review its practices.
What Mark Driscoll Told Brian Houston at Hillsong ConferenceSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Debate continues over how long pastoral restoration should take.
'Outrage and Panic' Are Off-Limits, Say Evangelical Leaders on Same-Sex MarriageSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Groups say the gospel requires different reactions.
Two CCCU Colleges to Allow Same-Sex Married Faculty Subscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) CCCU board invites member presidents to 'discuss the issue.'

Top Story June 3, 2020

Do White Evangelicals Love Police More Than Their Neighbors?
Do White Evangelicals Love Police More Than Their Neighbors?
How a Christian concern for teenagers turned into a reverence for law enforcement.

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