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Billy Graham Turns 90Subscriber Access Only
The famed evangelist proves an old dog can learn new tricks.
Q & A: Brit HumeSubscriber Access Only
The former news anchor for Fox News explains why he told Tiger Woods to turn to the Christian faith.
Redeeming 'Lost'Subscriber Access Only
Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen tells CT why the television show reminds him of C. S. Lewis's 'The Great Divorce.'
Francis Chan's Next StepsSubscriber Access Only
The 'Crazy Love' author stepped down from his church and doesn't know where he's headed.
James Dobson Resigns from Focus on the FamilySubscriber Access Only
Dobson will still host the radio show, write a monthly newsletter, and speak on moral issues.
Benny Hinn Sued by Strang Co.Subscriber Access Only
The lawsuit cites Hinn's 'inappropriate relationship' with Paula White.
Pat Robertson Backtracks on Divorce, Alzheimer's Comments Subscriber Access Only
"Please know that I never would tell anybody to leave their sick spouse," broadcaster says on 700 Club. I'm not giving a theological [defense]; I'm not John Calvin giving the Institutes of the Christian Religion."
Oklahoma Passes Several Abortion BillsSubscriber Access Only
'Volcanic' ResponseSubscriber Access Only
Jews for Jesus takes to New York City streets.
Disputed DismissalSubscriber Access Only
Was it flame mails or budget cuts that cost a Greenville professor his job?
Maine's Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Claim VictorySubscriber Access Only
Graham: Army Rescinded Pentagon Prayer InvitationSubscriber Access Only
Appeals Court Hears Proposition 8 Subscriber Access Only
Mega-HeadacheSubscriber Access Only
Church fights town restrictions on services.
Centering on PovertySubscriber Access Only
A coalition of the Right and Left launches a new project to reduce poverty.
Confession: I Stopped Giving to the ChurchSubscriber Access Only
There's something psychologically important about writing a check and putting it in the plate.
Suffering ServantsSubscriber Access Only
Chronic pain and depression taught Joni Eareckson and Ken Tada to put each other's needs first.
Making Sunday SexySubscriber Access Only
Several churches across the nation participated in National Porn Day yesterday
James Dobson Injured in Horseback Riding Fall Subscriber Access Only
Baptists and Catholics Helped Save Thousands of Florida Marriages
How Baptists and Catholics Together Helped Save Thousands of Florida Marriages
A faith-based marriage campaign in Jacksonville appears to have driven divorce rates down. Can the model be replicated?
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