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'Volcanic' Response
Jews for Jesus takes to New York City streets.
Pastor, State Senator Considering Illinois Gubernatorial Run
James Meeks, head of state's largest church, seeks to overcome social conservatives' racial barrier.
Arguing for God
Christian college debaters hope to change the world—but first to beat the competition.
Disputed Dismissal
Was it flame mails or budget cuts that cost a Greenville professor his job?
Hazy Faith-Based Future
Charitable-choice funding will face challenges under the new administration.
Richard Cizik Resigns from the National Association of Evangelicals
Longtime lobbyist and media spokesman recently said 'I'm shifting' on gay unions.
No 'Poster Boy'
Rick Warren draws criticism for distancing himself from Proposition 8.
Friend or Foe?
Recent technological advances may hurt the pro-life movement.
Clinton Criticizes Religious Defamation Laws as UN Prepares to Vote
The Obama administration opposes anti-defamation laws because they would restrict free speech.
Q&A: John Piper on 'Think'
Also, why the high-profile pastor and author invited Rick Warren to Desiring God's national conference and how he has been spending his 8-month leave of absence.
John Piper v. Rick Warren Postponed
Despite controversial invitation, Rick Warren missed the Desiring God conference due to family health incidents.
Q & A: Franklin Graham on Obama's Birth, Trump, & Faith
The evangelist had said about the president, "I don't know why he can't produce" a birth certificate and suggested "maybe the guy's right" about Donald Trump.
Family Talk, Family Business
Focus on the Family isn’t the only Colorado Springs organization preparing for its future after James Dobson.
The Similarities and Differences in Eric Metaxas's and President Obama's Prayer Breakfast Addresses
The 'Bonhoeffer' biographer emphasized care for the unborn as the President emphasized care for the poor.
Mass Appeal: Evangelicals Copy More of Catholic Playbook to Oppose Contraception Ruling
Mandate has evangelicals and Catholics finding common ground on ethics—and strategy.
Thomas Kinkade, 'Painter of Light,' Has Died Suddenly at 54 (Updated)
The artist's family said in a statement that his death appeared to be from natural causes.
Why Do We Love Susan Boyle?
Women's Groups Lash Out at Letterman in Palin's Defense
Letterman joked that Alex Rodriguez 'knocked up' one of her daughters.
What We're Reading This Summer
We're taking pleasure in books in the middle of texts and tweets.
Southern Baptist pastor barred
IMB Trustee member had blogged his criticism of SBC for recent policy changes.

Top Story February 24, 2021

Most ‘Nones’ Still Keep the Faith
Most ‘Nones’ Still Keep the Faith
When research looks beyond affiliation, the move away from religious institutions becomes more nuanced.

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