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NCC: Untying the Knot
NCC withdraws endorsement of 'one-man, one-woman' marriage statement.
Election 2000: Partisanship in the Pews
Race, religion played decisive roles in the presidential vote
Marriage: Defining Marriage
Conservatives advocate amendment to preserve traditional matrimony
Uneasy Unity
Christians take different paths as road map hits impasse
The Unflappable Condi Rice
Why the world's most powerful woman asks God for help
The Man Behind the Marriage Amendment
It's just as well that Matt Daniels loves a good fight, because he has a big one on his hands.
Worship: Networking Against Poverty
African-American churches aim to create 'systemic wealth' in inner-city neighborhoods.
No 'Justice'?
Campaign against filibusters sparks debate among Christians.
Bono Waxes 'Prophetic'
Rock-star/activist inspired by Leviticus and Isaiah.
Shakeup at Patrick Henry College
New president and academic dean announced after 5 of school's 16 faculty quit in protest.
Cool on Climate Change
New Christian coalition says fighting global warming will hurt the poor.
The Links Between Plan B and the Pill
The sanctity of human life has consequences for birth control, says Albert Mohler.
The Devil's Yoke
A young woman describes her former life as a slave of rebel soldiers.
The Giuliani Choice
Conservative leaders doubt his support among evangelicals will last.
Pope Benedict Goes to Washington
Pope's U.S. visit is expected to strengthen evangelical-Catholic relationship.
Pushing Bush Right
Conservatives gear up to lobby for their presidential priorities
Afghanistan: Caught in the Crossfire
Family, churches press for release of American missionaries in Kabul
Afghanistan: Afghans May Starve
Relief agencies mount efforts as Christian radio begins Dari broadcasts
Scholarship Wars
Supreme Court says states can deny public funds to some religious students.
The Proposition 71 Stem Cell Scam
The biotech lobby is attempting to buy a law in California, Wesley J. Smith says.

Top Story November 26, 2020

Life and Death in ‘The Land of the Clouds’
Life and Death in ‘The Land of the Clouds’
In the mountains of Papua, missionaries and Indonesian professionals serve the lost together.

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