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The Colonists’ New Religious MysterySubscriber Access Only
Sorry, Pilgrims: Jamestown’s spiritual life is suddenly much more fascinating.
This Thanksgiving, Stop Idolizing the PilgrimsSubscriber Access Only
An evangelical historian teaches us how to think critically about the heroes of our past.
George Whitefield, Divine MatchmakerSubscriber Access Only
The revivalist preached, ‘Come and be married to Christ’—and sparked the Great Awakening.
Using (and Abusing) Hell as a Political MotivationSubscriber Access Only
How the threat of eternal punishment stirred moral and spiritual urgency in early America.
Will America Keep the Faith?Subscriber Access Only
Journalist David Aikman wonders whether our nation will squander its spiritual heritage.
When Christmas Meets the ‘Umbrage Industry’Subscriber Access Only
If history is any guide, there’s no escaping the hostilities that erupt every December.
Five Ways We Misunderstand American Religious History
From religious liberty to religious violence, it helps to get our facts straight.
God’s Mercy is More Robust Than We Think
God’s Mercy is More Robust Than We Think
Grace does not sabotage the pursuit of righteousness but empowers it.
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