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Our Top 10 Resources for 2008Subscriber Access Only
See the most popular resources on BCL from this past year.
What Is a Podule?Subscriber Access Only
Learn about a new kind of resource on BCL.
Lord, Save Us From Your FollowersSubscriber Access Only
A documentary about the church's image problem in America makes a strong argument for Christians to shout less and love more.
Coaching King JamesSubscriber Access Only
No, not the KJV, but LeBron himself. An interview with Dru Joyce, LeBron James' high school coach and one of the subjects of a new documentary about that amazing team.
Fantastic Mr. FoxSubscriber Access Only
In this latest adaptation of a Roald Dahl story, stop-motion proves a natural fit for an iconic director making his animation debut.
InvictusSubscriber Access Only
Morgan Freeman makes a magisterial Nelson Mandela in this inspiring, remarkable tale of politics meets rugby.
BlogSpotting: Al Mohler on How to Read a Study BibleSubscriber Access Only
Three principles for responsible use of study tools.
Fess Up to Messing Up and Win a Free Book!Subscriber Access Only
Send us your most humbling, and amusing, outreach stories.
Introducing the PoduleSubscriber Access Only
Check out our newest kind of training tool.
What Isn't On Your Bookshelf?Subscriber Access Only
A playful exercise in what books say about us.
A Church At Work with RefugeesSubscriber Access Only
See how important this kind of ministry can be.
My Top 5 Movies on MortalitySubscriber Access Only
Films that take a compelling look at death and dying.
Is Jesus Welcome in Justice Efforts?Subscriber Access Only
How to speak his name in a "serve but don't proselytize" world.
The Big Picture in this RecessionSubscriber Access Only
What is the opportunity and the challenge for the church?
Pastor Tells Seekers How to Pick a ChurchSubscriber Access Only
What are the best criteria?
Presenting Your Idea to the Church BoardSubscriber Access Only
What does a board member need to hear?
When Should You Ask People to Leave Your Church?Subscriber Access Only
Dealing with attenders who aren't getting involved.
We Cannot Compartmentalize Our FaithSubscriber Access Only
Be faithful in every aspect of your life.
The Perfect GameSubscriber Access Only
A remarkable real-life underdog story gets a tribute that is well deserved but could have been more compelling than this.
Racing DreamsSubscriber Access Only
This documentary about NASCAR's "Little League" offers exciting races and a poignant look at the transition between childhood and adulthood.

Top Story August 4, 2020

Why Many Christians Want to Leave Palestine. And Why Most Won’t.
Why Many Christians Want to Leave Palestine. And Why Most Won’t.
Survey of a thousand local believers finds majority desire a one-state solution, while few complain about religious freedom.

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