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Christian Zionism in the Dock
Two documentaries take on the controversial theology.
Google Earth, Meet Moses
Is our lack of imagination short-changing our faith?
When Is a Church a Small Church?
How we define it, and if we want to be one.
Free Videos for Your Easter Service
Great presentations on the gospel and the resurrection's historicity.
Sermon Names in the News
Are you piquing people's interest?
Youth Workers, You Too Can Understand Teen Culture
A website to help you keep up.
A thriller about romantic fixation is deflated by an unconvincing antagonist but does try to raise worthwhile questions about marital integrity.
How to Pray: Christmas in India
Remember our persecuted brothers and sisters this season.
BlogSpotting: Mark Batterson's Rules for Writing
What do preachers need to remember?
BlogSpotting: Kevin DeYoung on False Apologies
When we repent for others and not ourselves.
BlogSpotting: For Worship Leaders, Finding the Right Key
Why tempo and tessitura matter.
The Strengths of a Small Church
Our free webinar will explain how to leverage these inherent gifts.
The Perfect Game
A remarkable real-life underdog story gets a tribute that is well deserved but could have been more compelling than this.
Racing Dreams
This documentary about NASCAR's "Little League" offers exciting races and a poignant look at the transition between childhood and adulthood.
This cautionary tale about science without boundaries goes to such lengths to "cross the line" narratively that it leaves the big questions behind.
How to Pray: The Recession and Church Attendance
Why are evangelical churches booming in this economic downturn?
BlogSpotting: Scot McKnight Isn't Happy with Pastor Bios
How should church leaders portray themselves online, or anywhere?
BlogSpotting: Chuck Warnock on Assimilating Newcomers
Can established groups welcome new members?
BlogSpotting: A Pastor Fighting Loneliness
How Ken Fong sought encouragement.
BlogSpotting: Time Management for Leaders
Keeping the main thing the main thing.

Top Story October 25, 2020

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay
It’s Okay Not To Be Okay
How African American churches are ministering to the mental health of their communities.

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