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This Is Your Soul on Zoom
Many technologies we cursed months ago for driving us apart we now bless for holding us together.
Life Amid the RuinSubscriber Access Only
Don’t miss the forest for the falling trees.
To Cancel or Not to Cancel: That Is the Question
A statement from the leaders of the National Association of Evangelicals and Christianity Today.
The Suffering in Suffering
There will come a day when the last tear is shed. Until then, God has made himself present in our affliction.
Apart Is Temporary. Together Is Forever.
Jesus' love knows no borders.
For Such a Time as ThisSubscriber Access Only
Will we rise to the challenge history has thrust upon us?
The First Gift Ever Given
What do we learn when we are forced to confront our own mortality?
The School for LoveSubscriber Access Only
Can our church regain its passion for God?
Lifting our EyesSubscriber Access Only
Amid challenges, it's tempting to keep our heads down.
The Shepherd in the Dark
A daily meditation for a time of pandemic.
Every Child Is on the Altar
This is our fear and our comfort all at once: that our children are not finally in our hands, but they stand in the palm of his.
The Resurrection Has Not Been Canceled
God is always in the business of bringing life out of death.
Lift Your Eyes Up
In a time of pandemic and panic, it's more important than ever to govern our powers of attention.
Uma justiça bastante demorada
É hora de a igreja se redimir do pecado racial.
Lighting the Way Back HomeSubscriber Access Only
Our ongoing call to offer clarity in confusing times.
Joy Is Wiser Than Sorrow
Joy is all but extinguished around us. It cannot be extinguished within us.
Out of the Depths
We live between the miracle of our redemption and the miracle of our deliverance.
Joy Comes in the Morning
Joy invades the most sorrowful spaces. It reminds us that beauty and goodness and life can grow even in the most unpromising soil.
On the Cross and the Kingdom
The cross is an object for contemplation, but also an invitation: Go and do likewise.
The Lord Gives and the Lord Takes
We strain against the limits of human reason when we look for a source of suffering.

Top Story July 7, 2020

Can the Church Save Marriage?
Can the Church Save Marriage?
Matrimony rates are in decline, even among conservative Christians. Here’s what that means for the future.

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