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Do Christian Schools Make Students More Religious?
A new study says they might, but adds that parents and peers have more influence.
Is the Stimulus Act Anti-Religious?
The stimulus bill included a caveat that federal funds may not be used for religious worship.
Two Summits, Countless Agendas
Faith Leaders Summit urges G-8 to focus on poverty while Values Voter Summit targets domestic issues.
The Baucus Ruckus
This week the debate over health care reform moved from broad platitudes to specifics on abortion funding and abstinence education.
He's No Ted Kennedy
Pro-life groups celebrate Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts and rally against a Planned Parenthood center in Houston.
Health Care Reform Enacted—Now What?
Activists react to the new health care law and reignite a movement for immigration reform. Plus, Glenn Beck tells 2.5 million viewers that Jim Wallis believes in "the devil's way."
Many Possible Roads to Peace
Activists discuss the best ways to achieve peace and freedom, including a radical call to deport all Muslims.
Groups Battle Over 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'
Some conservative organizations are attempting one last push back in their fight to keep gays and lesbians from openly serving in the military.
Obama Is Not a Muslim
But many Americans think he is, plus other findings from the new Pew Forum report.
40 Days of (Political) Purpose
Activists push 40-day prayer vigil as lead-up to Election Day, while Delaware gives boost to social conservatives.
The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Ralph Reed
Why the former head of the Christian Coalition is drawing attention as a leader in the grassroots conservative movement.
Evangelical Leaders Split Over Violence Against Women Act
House passes bill that removes protections for immigrant women who are victims of violence.
Evangelicals Vote Republican—Mormon or No Mormon
Some pundits said evangelicals would never support a Mormon. They were wrong.
Poll: Growing Public Approval of Gay Marriage
The House of Representatives picks up defense of DOMA.
NAE: Reduce Debt but Protect Poor
Baylor Study: The Politics of God's Plan for Your Life
Those who agree strongly that “God has a plan for all of us” are least supportive of government programs that help those out of work.

Top Story October 26, 2020

Will Peace with Israel Secure Sudan’s Religious Freedom?
Will $335 Million Peace with Israel Secure Sudan’s Religious Freedom?
Sudanese religious leaders and American human rights experts examine the latest and symbolically powerful Arab normalization agreement with the Jewish state.

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