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Rediscovering the Holy Spirit, Part 1
Bible scholar Gordon Fee thinks we have domesticated the Holy Spirit and missed the point of his mission
Not Your Father's Evangelist
Franklin Graham has been groomed to wear his father's mantle. How does it fit?
Exit Strategy
Amidst church conflicts and a devastating hurricane, missionaries John and Shirley Wind answered the call to leave Honduras.
ARTICLE: Future Tense
How do we live under the shadow of 'the end'?
Dying in Peace
In Birmingham, an innovative program combines hospice care, traditional medicine, and faith to comfort the terminally ill.
SIDEBAR: Billy’s Rib
Rediscovering the Holy Spirit, Part 2
What Pastor's Wives Wish Their Churches Knew Part 1
There is more to who I am than that smiling face next to my husband.
Where Have They Laid My Lord?
A pilgrim's tale of two tombs.
Angel in the Pulpit
Though she eschews the title, even her father says that daughter Anne Graham Lotz is the best preacher in the family.
God at Risk
A former process theologian says a 30-percent God is not worth worshipping
Mary rejoicing, Rachel weeping
How shall we reconcile the glorious birth of the Savior with the bloody deaths of the boys of Bethlehem?
'Youth Has Special Powers'
The Millennial generation may be uniquely wired to stand—and sweat—for God.
I Lost It
Noted missiologist Ruth Tucker shines a light on the netherworld of apostasy in Walking Away from Faith
EDITORIAL: Trivializing the Cross
Golgotha is no place for a bunny.
A Sword Through Her Soul
How could Jesus treat his mother that way?
Popular Culture:Take a Little Time Out
Amy Grant's ever-smiling face is everywhere, obscuring the tragedy of two failed marriages.
Islamic Fundamentals
Christians have a responsibility to understand our Muslim neighbors and their beliefs
Incarnating Mystery
Michael Card argues that a proper view of Christ is a key to creativity.
A Woman's Place
Women reaching women is key to the future of missions.

Top Story November 23, 2020

Is The Coronavirus Evidence of a Creation in Freefall?
Is The Coronavirus Evidence of a Creation in Freefall?
How does theology explain a pandemic? Basic biology, human sin, or the Devil?

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