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Engaging Our Muslim NeighborsSubscriber Access Only
The Church faces a challenge not just to understand Muslims, but to befriend them.
A Woman's PlaceSubscriber Access Only
Women reaching women is key to the future of missions.
Bonhoeffer in LoveSubscriber Access Only
Letters from 1943 to 1945 between the theologian and his fiancée reveal the other half of a costly discipleship
Your Sins Shall Be White As Yucca (Part 3 of 3)Subscriber Access Only
Wycliffe missionaries Gene and Marie Scott gave nearly 40 years of their lives translating the New Testament for a small tribe in the jungles of Peru. Was it worth it?
The Legacy of Prisoner 23226Subscriber Access Only
Twenty-six years after leaving prison, Charles Colson has become one of America's most significant social reformers
Flesh and Blood in the Magic KingdomSubscriber Access Only
Frederick Buechner's most recent works shed light on the shadows of the human heart
God at RiskSubscriber Access Only
A former process theologian says a 30-percent God is not worth worshipping
SIDEBAR: Billy’s RibSubscriber Access Only
Bill and Vonette Bright's Wonderful Plan for the WorldSubscriber Access Only
Evangelicalism's power couple closes in on their radical mission.
Bill Bright's Wonderful Plan for the World Part 2Subscriber Access Only
Evangelicalism's power couple closes in on their radicalmission.
‘Do You Believe in God?’Subscriber Access Only
Columbine and the stirring of America’s soul.
First Church of the MillenniumSubscriber Access Only
This is not your father's worship service.
Cassie Said Yes, They Say NoSubscriber Access Only
"They can throw this all around, but I was there. Reporters or investigators can't tell me how it went."—Craig Scott
Iguassu AffirmationSubscriber Access Only
The mainstream press unquestioningly accepted's flimsy debunking of the Columbine confession.
Islam, U.S.A.Subscriber Access Only
Are Christians prepared for Muslims in the mainstream?
The Missing MotherSubscriber Access Only
When my prodigal son left our world, it sent me on a sojourn as well.
The Evolution of St. NickSubscriber Access Only
Tracing the roots of Santa Claus to the early church.
Rediscovering the Holy Spirit, Part 1Subscriber Access Only
Bible scholar Gordon Fee thinks we have domesticated the Holy Spirit and missed the point of his mission
ARTICLE: Future TenseSubscriber Access Only
How do we live under the shadow of 'the end'?
Rediscovering the Holy Spirit, Part 2Subscriber Access Only
Sorry, James and David: Silas and Obadiah Are Today’s Trending Bible Names.
Sorry, James and David: Silas and Obadiah Are Today’s Trending Bible Names.
Weird biblical names are on the rise. What’s behind the trend?
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