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The Class of '00
These "millennial" teenagers are forcing the church to rethink youth ministry.
Your Sins Shall Be White As Yucca (Part 2 of 3)
Wycliffe missionaries Gene and Marie Scott gave nearly 40 years of their lives translating the New Testament for a small tribe in the jungles of Peru. Was it worth it?
Knowing Packer
The lonely journey of a passionate Puritan.
The Hard Songs of Fernando Ortega
His music takes you where you might not have been planning to go.
Guardians of the Lost Ark
Ethiopia's Christians stake their identity on being heirs of Solomon and keepers of his treasure.
Daring to Discipline America
James Dobson's influence, already huge, is growing. Can he keep his focus?
Finding the 'Real God'
An interview with a sex trafficking survivor
How Muslims See Christianity
Many Muslims don't understand Christianity—especially the idea of salvation by grace through faith.
Building a Bridge
A gay journalist and evangelical pastor correct their mutual misperceptions.
Bonhoeffer in Love
Letters from 1943 to 1945 between the theologian and his fiancée reveal the other half of a costly discipleship
Rediscovering the Holy Spirit, Part 2
What Pastor's Wives Wish Their Churches Knew Part 1
There is more to who I am than that smiling face next to my husband.
Where Have They Laid My Lord?
A pilgrim's tale of two tombs.
Angel in the Pulpit
Though she eschews the title, even her father says that daughter Anne Graham Lotz is the best preacher in the family.
God at Risk
A former process theologian says a 30-percent God is not worth worshipping
Separate and Equal
Martin Luther King dreamed of an integrated society. Boston minister Eugene Rivers thinks it was the wrong dream.
Bill and Vonette Bright's Wonderful Plan for the World
Evangelicalism's power couple closes in on their radical mission.
Smuggling Jesus into Muslim Hearts
Good News for the Lost, Imprisoned, Abducted, and Enslaved
Lawyers and investigators at the International Justice Mission have learned that sharing the gospel means going into the heart of darkness.
The Gypsy Reformation
How a reviled minority has become the catalyst for bringing the gospel of grace to Spain.

Top Story September 21, 2020

Trump Can Afford to Slip Among White Evangelicals, But Not White Catholics
Trump Can Afford to Slip Among White Evangelicals, But Not White Catholics
In the presidential race against Joe Biden, Catholics have emerged as a swing vote.

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