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The Chains of Religious FreedomSubscriber Access Only
In exchange for liberty, has the American church contented itself with back-seat status?
Risky BusinessSubscriber Access Only
Marriage demands a commitment that the current generation would rather not make.
Ambitious Like JesusSubscriber Access Only
If your ambitions aren't worth your life, they're not big enough.
The Back PageSubscriber Access Only
Role CallSubscriber Access Only
Jesus vs. Generic GodSubscriber Access Only
Preaching and teaching our particular God
Leader's Insight: Rev. Parker's Last StandSubscriber Access Only
Holding his ground in an out-of-the-way crossroads.
Why Did God Speak to an Inexperienced Upstart?Subscriber Access Only
And not to me?
Why Jesus?Subscriber Access Only
That most people meet Jesus on the road is no coincidence.
Letters to the ChurchSubscriber Access Only
What Jesus might write to churches today
Marriage as a Subversive ActivitySubscriber Access Only
Square Text in a Round FormSubscriber Access Only
Good NewsSubscriber Access Only
Leaders should share the good news about the church by noticing, naming, and nurturing those whom God uses to produce good fruit.
To the Church Called Mainline by William H. WillimonSubscriber Access Only
To the Church Called Mainline:
Been There, Preached ThatSubscriber Access Only
THE BACK PAGESubscriber Access Only
Should Churches Buy into the Education Business?Subscriber Access Only
Learning to Love Israel's GodSubscriber Access Only
My favorite Old Testament passage: Numbers 13-14
What Sort of People Do We Want to Be?Subscriber Access Only
There are political questions only people of faith can ask.
Role CallSubscriber Access Only

Top Story February 21, 2020

I Assumed Science Had All the Answers. Then I Started Asking Questions
I Assumed Science Had All the Answers. Then I Started Asking Inconvenient Questions.
My journey from atheist dogma to Christian faith was paved with intellectual and spiritual surprises.

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