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Yes, Virginia, There Still Is Good NewsSubscriber Access Only
While new films and the media trumpet the bad news, we must remember the good.
Where Leaders Are Made
The tests of a true leader are often challenging—and other times, they're just kind of fun and silly.
Pro-Life CinemaSubscriber Access Only
Several recent films take a life-affirming view of unwanted pregnancies, as babies are carried to term and abortion is dismissed as an option. Could this be a trend?
9/11 at the CineplexSubscriber Access Only
The effects of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks have been influencing films ever since—and not just the movies that are specifically about that terrible, tragic day.
Searching for a New WorldSubscriber Access Only
Writer/director Terrence Malick's existential leanings and longings are on display in all of his films—and never more than in his latest, The New World.
Christians Unite for Strike's EndSubscriber Access Only
Writers and other Hollywood professionals gather weekly to pray for an end to the writer's strike, which is hurting many people financially, emotionally, and spiritually.
Do Political Films Matter?Subscriber Access Only
Oliver Stone's W, which releases this week, is the latest of many movies about pols and politics, but whether they actually affect election outcomes is hard to say.
No More Cheesy, Churchy VideosSubscriber Access Only
The Biola Media Conference included lively debates about Hollywood's efforts to reach a Christian audience. The opportunities are exciting, but are the results much good?
Alejandro González Iñárritu Talks to CT About ‘The Revenant’ Subscriber Access Only
Fresh off last year's Oscar win, the director discusses the spiritual themes of his new film.
What Would Jesus Buy?Subscriber Access Only
With Christmas shopping right around the corner, this edgy new documentary merges "Christian" forms with an anti-consumerist message.
Hope Mingled with SadnessSubscriber Access Only
Inspired by the likes of Ozu, the Dardennes, and Bonhoeffer, filmmaker Lee Isaac Chung finds light after the darkness in Rwanda—and in himself.
Tempted in Every Way?
Was Christ Tempted in Every Way?
Making sense of Jesus’ humanity in light of fleshly temptations.
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