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Butt OutSubscriber Access Only
It's high time we saved children from the tobacco industry.
EDITORIAL: Scalia’s FoolishnessSubscriber Access Only
Let's be fools for Christ, not plain fools.
Nothing PersonalSubscriber Access Only
The dustup at Baylor is not about its president. It's about change.
Inside CT: The Cure of Gay SoulsSubscriber Access Only
Pastoral care of gay people in our congregations cannot wait.
Post-Election Faith at WorkSubscriber Access Only
The next four years will not be a cake-walk for the pro-life, pro-family cause.
Hunting the Big GazelleSubscriber Access Only
Why Rick Warren may succeed where others failed.
The Culture of MeSubscriber Access Only
Moral values are fostered by shared community values.
Does Global Christianity Equal American Christianity?Subscriber Access Only
Historian Mark Noll talks about how U.S. missionaries have—and have not—shaped the faith in other nations.
The Passion of Mel GibsonSubscriber Access Only
Why evangelicals are cheering a movie with profoundly Catholic sensibilities.
Church Leaders Confront AIDSSubscriber Access Only
The Hero of Bloodless ReformSubscriber Access Only
An interview with Steven M. Wise
Timothy George on the Reformers' Postmodern MomentSubscriber Access Only
The historical theologian says Luther and Calvin show us how to read the Bible for the sake of the church.
Mission-Driven FaithSubscriber Access Only
An interview with Thomas Oden and J.I. Packer
Christians, Jews Form CoalitionSubscriber Access Only
CONVERSATIONS: Bringing the Jews to JesusSubscriber Access Only
Tuvya Zaretsky argues that only Y'shua has the credentials to bring peace to the Middle East.
Inside CT: The IV ConnectionSubscriber Access Only
InterVarsity campus work hits home at Christianity Today
China Arrests Dozens of Prominent ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
At least 50 detained in fresh crackdown on house churches, reportedly promoted by new video and book releases.
A Passionate MosesSubscriber Access Only
In a new TV version of The Ten Commandments, Dougray Scott plays a Moses who's not afraid to show his emotions. Despite some fabrications, the 2-part miniseries is reasonably faithful to the Bible's account.
Da Vinci DissentersSubscriber Access Only
Four books try to break, crack, or decode the deception.
Preaching AugustineSubscriber Access Only
The Christian Classics Ethereal Library came to my rescue in a homiletical emergency.
The Hidden Cost of Tax Exemption
The Hidden Cost of Tax Exemption
Churches may someday lose their tax-exempt status. Would that be as bad as it sounds?
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