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Peter Jennings on Jesus
ABC anchorman Peter Jennings discusses what moved him as he filmed a special on the life of Christ.
Advice Rejected
Lambeth Commission report leaves church in disarray.
Windsor Report Leaves Conservative Episcopalians Hopping Mad
Windsor Report Leaves Conservative Episcopalians Hopping Mad
Dwelling in Unity?
Lutherans, Episcopalians aspire to full communion, but differences remain over role of bishops.
Mere Mormonism
Journalist Richard Ostling explores LDS culture, theology, and fans of 'crypto-Mormon' C.S. Lewis.
Return to Sender?
Tony Campolo's Letters to a Young Evangelical
Ecumenism: Back to the Drawing Board for Ecumenism?
Some clergy resist Lutheran-Episcopal concordat.
Network for the Alienated
Episcopal conservatives seek to reclaim wayward church.
Second-Best Kid Lit Ever
John Granger considers the Potter series the best thing since The Chronicles of Narnia.
Out of Africa
The leader of nearly 18 million Nigerian Anglicans challenges the West's theology and control.
Therapeutically Incorrect
Atheist psychiatrist argues that gays can change.
The Best TV of 1999
Popular Culture:The Clay Cries Out
The Miracle Maker presents an animated, supernatural, and utterly believable Jesus.
Anglicans: Intercontinental Ballistic Bishops?
Maverick conservatives gain a toehold among Episcopalians.
Episcopal Church: No Balm in Denver
Episcopalians defer debate over same-sex blessings for another three years.
Rock & Roll Apologetics
New and noteworthy books on the Beatles, hate, and other subjects.
Catholics Join NCC Alternative
Launch of broad church association around the corner.
Seeing Both Sides
Reaching the Left from the Right tells conservative evangelicals how to build bridges.
Popular Culture: The Film Dogma Is Anti-Dogma
After the furor, Kevin Smith's film seems flawed but oddly touching
John Eldredge thinks too many Christians are weak, and churches are often insipid-and he's not going to take it anymore

Top Story January 15, 2021

Are the 81 Percent Evangelicals?
Are the 81 Percent Evangelicals?
Just because people claim the name shouldn’t automatically imply they heed what it means.

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