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Rush to Judgment?Subscriber Access Only
Israel Antiquities Authority's 'findings' bother many archaeologists.
Do Photos Evidence Lost Edenic River?Subscriber Access Only
Do Photos Evidence Lost Edenic River?
Smut Tax Raises Questions, but Not RevenueSubscriber Access Only
Smut Tax Raises Questions, but Not Revenue
Raiders of the Lost PoolSubscriber Access Only
New finds bolster the historicity of John's Gospel.
70 Truckloads of TreasuresSubscriber Access Only
Temple Mount dig uncovers new finds.
Excavations Continue Despite CutbacksSubscriber Access Only
Excavations Continue Despite Cutbacks
Signs of Canaanite Jerusalem FoundSubscriber Access Only
Paying for Free SpeechSubscriber Access Only
The controversy over mandatory student fees heads to the Supreme Court.
First English Translation PublishedSubscriber Access Only
First English Translation Published
Temple Mount on Shaky Ground?Subscriber Access Only
Temple Mount on Shaky Ground?
Explorers of Noah's Lost ArkSubscriber Access Only
Citing new satellite images, team seeks to 'solidify the faith of many Christians.'
Revising David and SolomonSubscriber Access Only
Archeological study questions the Bible's take on Israel's united kingdom.
Pottery Shard Points to TempleSubscriber Access Only
Pottery Shard Points to Temple
Preparing for PilgrimsSubscriber Access Only
Religious rivalry complicates millennial planning.
Christian Journalists Ponder CallingSubscriber Access Only
Disciples' Village Opens to TouristsSubscriber Access Only
Astronomer Discovers Star of BethlehemSubscriber Access Only
Rutgers University professor believes Jupiter, other bodies key to biblical mystery.
The Shroud's Second ImageSubscriber Access Only
New evidence reopens debate about the controversial relic.
The Mystery of AntiquitiesSubscriber Access Only
Ossuary owner charged with forgery.
'Oldest Church' Discovered in JordanSubscriber Access Only

Top Story August 11, 2020

How Megachurches Spent Coronavirus Relief Funds
How Megachurches Spent Coronavirus Relief Funds
Religious groups got $7.3B in forgivable loans. That financial security helped ministry teams focus.

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