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RU-486 Uncovers a Lie—And It's Not Just About Abortion
Think the abortion pill is indicative of postmodernity? You're wrong.
We've Got Books
The first installment of our new midyear book report.
After Worldview?
A lively conference offers a state-of-the-art assessment of the concept of worldview, with both advocates and dissenters represented.
Easter en Español
Images in Procession: Testimonies of Spanish Faith can awaken us to our own spiritual rituals
Get Outta My Face!
The most troublesome word in religion today.
Pencils Down the Election's Over
According to political scientists, Al Gore has already won.
"Taken Up in Glory"
The Ascension has been forgotten in many Protestant churches, jettisoning an essential part of the Christian story.
Mao and Twentieth Century Totalitarianism
A new book chronicles in detail the life of the dictator.
Friday Night Fish Fry
How medieval dietary needs fueled the discovery of the new world.
The Story of America?
Robert Kagan's Dangerous Nation.
Life, Liberty, and Terrorism
How much freedom should we give up in national emergencies?
Q & A: Alvin Plantinga on Conflict Resolution with Science
The philosophy professor seeks to disentangle sound science from naturalistic dogma.
Faith for the Post-Christian Heart: A Conversation with Francis Spufford
For the UK writer, Christianity must first make sense in the realm of lived experience.
EDITORIAL: Confessions of an Editor
1984 50 Years Later
Stop the spinning, I'm getting dizzy.
Autumn Books
Some that stand out in this season's plenty.
The Best Books of 1999
I Read the News Today
Finding the most important story in headlines' sum
Who in Hell?
Theologian John Sanders considers the eternal fate of non-Christians
Barna & Bailey
The Greatest Research Show on Earth?

Top Story September 18, 2020

This Election, Evangelical Supporters Have More Faith in Trump
This Election, Evangelical Supporters Have More Faith in Trump
The campaign emphasizes another side of the president at “prayer, praise, and patriotism” rallies.

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