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The Passion of the Musicians
For composer John Debney and vocalist/lyricist Lisbeth Scott, the creative talent behind the soundtrack to The Passion of The Christ, scoring the epic film was the experience of a lifetime.
A Narnia Geek's Dream Come True
Perry Moore, a lifelong sci-fi and fantasy fanboy, has always wanted to see his favorite book, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, made into a movie. Now it is—and he's the executive producer.
Facing the Critics
Alex Kendrick, writer/director of a new Christian film, Facing the Giants, was in the news over an MPAA ratings flap regarding his project. Now he's answering his critics—and talking up his movie.
A Nanny With Sense ... and Sensibility
Emma Thompson, perhaps best known for 1995's Sense and Sensibility, wrote and stars in what she now calls her proudest project, Nanny McPhee, opening this week.
From Boy (Band) to King
Luke Goss was once part of a hugely popular boy band, but gave it all up and turned to acting instead. Now, he's playing King Xerxes in One Night with the King, a new film about the biblical story of Esther.
Unborn in the USA
A new documentary lives up to its claim of taking a fair, objective view of the prolife movement. We talked to the filmmakers.
The Weight of Story
Director Andrew Adamson, whose latest Narnia movie, Prince Caspian, releases to theaters next week, fully feels the burden to get it just right.
Out of the Darkness
Filmmaker Mark Pellington overcomes personal tragedy to make movies about finding hope in the wake of hardship, including Henry Poole Is Here.
Winners from the Gipper
Looking back at the best films of Ronald Reagan.
Top Ten Alien Invasion Movies
With War of the Worlds opening this week, we decided to take a look back at some of the best films in which extraterrestrials decide to pay a visit to our planet—with the intent to do us harm.
What's Up With the Ugly Baby?
Everyone's asking about the Passion scene where Satan is carrying a hideous infant.
A Primer on Filmmaking
Is it possible to make a good movie for a measly $7,000? Yes. Shane Carruth proves it with his film debut, Primer, which is stirring up buzz-the good kind-at film festivals everywhere.
Redeeming Black Films
Hollywood's black movies often depict negative stereotypes—gangs, violence—or revel in buffoonery, a la White Chicks and Soul Plane. But Michael and Christine Swanson are trying to change that, one film at a time.
'The Human Part of the Story'
Catherine Hardwicke has always loved the Christmas story, but never really considered the human side of those famous icons surrounding the manger—till she was asked to direct The Nativity Story.
The Role of a Lifetime
Golden Globe winner Olivia Hussey always wanted to play Mother Teresa, and finally got her chance in 2003. Now, as the film hits DVD, Hussey discusses one of her favorite roles.
Mormon Rebel (part 2)
Filmmaker Richard Dutcher on the state of Mormon cinema, his desire to be true to his vision, and that "Christian movie" incident at a San Diego theater. Continued from previous page ...
A Black & White Movie
What happens when a rich, white megachurch meets a poor, African-American, inner-city congregation? The Second Chance, opening in theaters this week, takes a look.
Queen for a Day
In her first leading role, 25-year-old Tiffany Dupont plays the biblical character of Esther in One Night With the King, which she describes as a beautiful love story—and an inspiring film for all types.
For Unto Us a Film Is Born
When New Line told producer Wyck Godfrey to make The Nativity Story in just 10 months, he knew it would take a miracle. Turns out he got a few along the way; the film releases worldwide Dec. 1.
Counting Her Blessings
Playing the mother of a terminally ill child in The Ultimate Gift, Ali Hillis says she's learned a few things about the best things in life.

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