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New Era Bankruptcy Case Moves Toward Resolution
Can Haiti Be Revived?
The struggle for justice receives a boost from Christian ministries.
Inner City Renaissance: Helping the Poor Help Themselves
As economic development initiatives sweep the country, some evangelical churches are showing the way.
Back to the Future?
President Clinton and Republican-dominated Congress face fresh struggles over family-values agenda.
Conservative Christians in the Cross Hairs
The IRS denies that ministries and nonprofits are unfairly targeted.
News Briefs: November 14, 1994
Episcopalian Bishops Abort Heresy Trial
Growing Criticism
Groups back away from Preparation for Parenting.
Evangelicals, Catholics Issue Salvation Accord
One-Year Mission Changes Lives
One-Year Mission Changes Lives
Jury Still Out on Homosexual Ordination
Greening of the Gospel?
Evangelical environmentalists press to add creation care to the church's mission.
Welfare Reform: God in a Box?
Charitable choice' opens the door to new church-state partnerships in caring for the poor, but not everyone is cheering.
Cooperative Baptists Reject Formal Break with SBC
Delegates of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) have soundly defeated a resolution to separate formally from the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) in order to form their own denomination.
Evolution: Pope Says Evolution More than a Hypothesis
Darwin's theories still deeply divide Christians.
RFRA: Cases Test Religious Freedom Limits
New Cases Test Limits of Religious Freedom
Bankruptcy Tithe Exemption Sought

Top Story October 28, 2020

More Pastors Endorse Political Candidates in 2020
More Pastors Endorse Political Candidates in 2020
But very few do so from the pulpit, according to the latest from LifeWay Research.

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