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Hope Amid the Ruins
Anglican bishop in Sudan sees massive church growth.
Bill Cosby Was (Mostly) Right—Part 2
Why is church influence among blacks wide but not deep?
Creation or Evolution? Yes!
Francis Collins issues a call to stand on the middle ground.
Defining Business Success
A CEO on why core values are not enough.
Relentless Pursuit
Mark Buchanan examines the fruit of spiritual disciplines.
The Gradual Grief of Alzheimer's
Robertson McQuilkin reflects on his wife's long battle with Alzheimer's.
Q & A: Bobby Welch
President of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), on his five-week national bus tour, which ended October 7, to jump-start evangelism in the 16.3-million-member denomination. The SBC has experienced a four-year decline in baptisms.
Stemming the Embryonic Tide
Pro-lifers face a scientific and public relations juggernaut.
The Evangelical Scandal
Ron Sider says the movement is riddled with hypocrisy, and that it's time for serious change.
If Christians Fail, America Will Fail'
An interview with the outspoken president of Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation.
Dick Staub on the Star Wars Myth
Lucas's stories may have more in common with Hinduism than Christianity, but it's still True Myth, says the author of Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters.
Gatecrashing for Jesus
Brother Andrew discusses ministry in the Middle East.
Unholy Wars
Two books document the dangers of mixing church and state.
The Faith of Our Founders
Scholar says diversity of belief did not obliterate consensus on key issues.
God's Word in an Old Light
Philip Jenkins on how global South Christians read the Bible.
Fact and Faith
Mark Mittelberg says this is no time to jettison logic.
The World's Prayer Guide
The latest edition of 'Operation World' spotlights a shifting global church.
When the Giver of Eternal Life Thirsts
A meditation on Franz Joseph Haydn's The Seven Last Words of Christ.
God Is at Work
Economic globalization is an opportunity for missions says Ken Eldred.
Q&A: Hugh Hewitt
Conservative blogger, political analyst, and radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt on Romney's bid for the White House.

Top Story January 18, 2021

It’s Not Enough to Preach Racial Justice. We Need to Champion Policy Change.
It’s Not Enough to Preach Racial Justice. We Need to Champion Policy Change.
The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. reminds us to push past tweetable quotes and ‘big talk’ to practice true Christlike love.

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