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The Irresistible Connection Between the Old and New Testaments
Why Andy Stanley's “unhitching” robs Christianity of power.
Dealing with Disillusionment
We can step into the disillusionment of those around us for the sake of God’s mission.
Love Your Neighbor as Yourself—And Bring Your Kids Along
Raising children to love like Jesus did.
Faithfulness: God's Goals + Ordinary Actions = Extraordinary Results
It’s great to dream big dreams. It’s greater to be consistent in the small, mundane tasks that make those dreams possible.
Renewing Your Church: Recalibrating Your Vision to Create Sustainability
I narrowed the process of church recalibration down to four phases.
The Difference A Metaphor Makes: Men & Women Working Together
Unearthing and critiquing the guiding metaphor about women is one of the most important leadership tasks in our era.
A Day of Rejoicing! Lessons from Two Years of Petition for Pastor Andrew Brunson
After years of prayer before the Lord, Andrew Brunson has been set free.
One-on-One with Greg Stier on Dare 2 Share—Live Tomorrow in 95 Locations
"We're praying for a movement. We're praying for revival. We're praying for transformation."
The Current Storm and the Evangelical Response
How should Christians respond in the midst of the cultural storm?
Forget The Extras – Your Church Needs To Get The Basics Right
Your church might not have the budget or the staff to do the extras, but that’s okay. You can do what matters.
Giving Sabbath a Rest
How God's grace turned my strict views upside down.
Training Inmates for Ministry Inside Maximum Security Prisons
Not unlike closed mission fields, this population needs acculturated ministers.
How Churches Can Spot and Stop Human Trafficking After Hurricane Michael
Christians are uniquely poised to help in the wake of disaster.
Ir a la universidad con Abuelita
Las escuelas cristianas están aprendiendo a pensar en términos de familias, y no tan sólo como estudiantes individuales.
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Aprendiendo con la Familia
Cómo un profesor que pasó lista marcó la diferencia.
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Los mentores marcan la diferencia
La universidad es difícil, pero no tienes que lidiar con todo eso sola o solo.
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‘Listo para hacer cosas nuevas’
De Abilene a Asbury, las escuelas cristianas están alcanzando a los estudiantes latinos y a sus familias.
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Las claves para preparar a los estudiantes para la universidad
Según el líder hispano Gus Reyes, eso comienza cuando son preescolares.
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We Interviewed 20 Christians Who Traveled to North Korea. Now They Can’t.
About 70 faith-based groups must surmount legal hurdles to engage the restrictive nation.
One-on-One with Mike Burnette, Pastor of America’s Fastest Growing Church
"God will grow the church when he chooses to grow it."
What Trees Teach Us about Life, Death, and Resurrection
What Trees Teach Us about Life, Death, and Resurrection
Other than God and people, they’re the most mentioned living thing in the Bible.
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