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Que découvre-t-on quand on interroge des milliers de femmes évangéliques sur le sexe ?
Les recherches de Sheila Gregoire invitent de nombreux chrétiens à réviser des hypothèses nuisibles et attirent l’attention sur le plaisir des femmes dans le mariage.
Peut-on pratiquer la liturgie « à la carte » ?
Détacher les traditions historiques de leur contexte théologique est à la mode, mais pas sans risque.
Encore Bolsonaro ? Les évangéliques hésitent.
À l’approche des élections d’octobre, plus d’un tiers d’entre eux envisagent d’apporter leur soutien à la gauche.
Do Chinese Worship Songs Sound Too Much Like Pop Hits?
Five praise music songwriters on how they handle criticism, work together, and seek to reach Gen Z through their work.
Los exiliados ucranianos me mostraron la paz de Cristo
Descubrí en ellos una milagrosa perseverancia en medio de la tribulación.
Una pequeña introducción moral a los ‘Los anillos de poder’ de Amazon
Que la historia de Tolkien acerca del reino de Númenor sirva de advertencia para nosotros hoy.
Why The Church Should Lead In Building the Future With Migrants and Refugees
Our view of God grows because of our interactions and relationships with those who came from different countries.
In Our Pandemic-Scarred Churches, God Is Making All Things New
A look inside our fall issue of CT Pastors.
Rebuilding Church Community: What’s Actually Working?
Pastors respond.
What We Lose When We Livestream
Do our online viewers truly realize what they’re missing?
The Pandemic Destroyed My Certainty—Or Was It God?
Ongoing disruption exposed my ministry idols, helping me see the work of the kingdom.
Changing Minds Is Not Our Job
We cannot control our people, and attempting to do so will only do damage.
Strategies for Preaching to the Polarized
How can our sermons bridge the division of our contentious moment?
5 Books for Reaching Diverse and Divided Congregations
New and recent resources for your preaching library.
Ghosted Again? Pastors Respond to Disappearing Congregants
Church leaders are seeking fresh ways to prevent "backdoor exits" and adapt to shifting membership.
How Irenaeus, Ambrose, and Basil Help Us See the Spirit
When the Holy Spirit seems tough for congregants to grasp, borrow these surprising images from the church fathers.

Top Story September 28, 2022

Died: Brother Andrew, Who Smuggled Bibles into Communist Countries
Died: Brother Andrew, Who Smuggled Bibles into Communist Countries
Founder of Open Doors said he wasn’t an “evangelical stuntman” but a faithful Christian following the leading of the Spirit.

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