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Realmente estamos en el mismo equipo
Aunque nos resulte difícil de creer, los cristianos tenemos todo lo necesario para «ser uno».
¿Qué viene después del movimiento exgay? Lo mismo que vino antes.
Los líderes evangélicos de la vieja escuela alguna vez conocieron el valor del «cuidado» sobre la «cura».
Suicídio de adolescentes: igreja não pode passar mensagens contraditórias sobre saúde mental
Como os ministérios podem ajudar a conseguir o apoio de que os jovens precisam.
O casamento cristão exige que sondemos nossos desejos, não que os ocultemos
Ser fiel a um cônjuge requer viver em comunidade, buscar a Deus diariamente e aprender com nossos irmãos e irmãs celibatários.
Did You Volunteer Just to Feel Good About Yourself?
A former refugee remembers a mentor who served well.
My Dad Taught Me How to Love the Exvangelical
What looks like rebellion might often be pain and despair.
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Email Is Useful, but Texting Is Transforming College Campuses
New research shows that texting is the best method of communication to reach college students. So what stops more schools from using it?
Who Canceled the Apostle Paul?
Lessons from the first Christian influencer on how to lead when you are hated.
I’m a Climate Scientist Because of My Faith—Not in Spite of It
To start conversations on climate change, Katharine Hayhoe says we should begin with ourselves.
My Life in Seattle’s Street Gangs Was a Dead-End Street
How God used a stiff prison sentence and a church invitation to rescue me from a downward spiral of guns, drugs, and despair.
What I Learned From Gen Z’s Faithfulness During the Pandemic
Leading InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has given me a chance to see how younger believers model spiritual resilience.
One Nation Under Graham (?)
Pakistan Hosts More Afghans than Any Other Country. How Can We Pray for Them?
The country is struggling to love its neighbor amid a surging crisis.
Por qué es mejor no leer las Escrituras solo
Debemos estudiar la Biblia a la luz de la Gran Tradición.
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Responses to our September issue.
The New Prison Ministry Lies in Bible Education
Religious programs, including evangelical schools, are a major force for good behind bars.
The Church Needs Reformation, Not Deconstruction
A short guide to the exvangelical movement.
Churchgoers May Remember Song Lyrics Over Sermon Quotes
So let’s make sure we’re teaching sound doctrine in worship.

Top Story October 25, 2021

The Riddle of Church Loneliness
The Riddle of Church Loneliness
Why were evangelicals as lonesome as everyone else before COVID-19, but less so after?

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