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Weekly Meanderings, 31 October 2020
Our weekly selection of links across the web.
As mulheres leem mais a Bíblia do que os homens. Por quê?
Mulheres que ensinam a Bíblia e escrevem estudos bíblicos de sucesso revelam os fatores que levam as mulheres a priorizar o tempo com as Escrituras.
De qué modo las iglesias enaltecen y protegen a los pastores abusivos
Una psicóloga explora las dinámicas de poder que ayudan a convertir a los pastores en lobos
Skip Heitzig on Supporting Donald Trump: Promises Made, Promises Kept
Trump advisory board member Skip Heitizig reflects on the the last four years as he casts his 2020 vote for Donald Trump.
Worst Translations: All in One
Translations scrutinized over their treatment of women
I Lost My Dad to COVID-19. The Theology of All Saints’ Day Sustains Me.
As members of the body of Christ, we belong to each other in our grief.
Were You There?
Can a follower of Christ claim salvation through his crucifixion, but then consent to the suffering racial injustice imposes on others?
The Civil War in Our Hearts
Political division finds fuel in sin that separates us from each other. Only peacemakers win the title “children of God.”
John Richards: Here is Why, as a Pro-Life Black Man, I'm Voting for Biden
Speaking for those "who have questioned [the] continued, uncritical support of President Trump over the past four years."
Les Arméniens se battent pour détenir une ancienne patrie en Azerbaïdjan
Le conflit du Haut-Karabakh est-il un affrontement entre chrétiens et musulmans, ou simplement de la politique?
Gabriel Salguero: Threading the Election 2020 Needle
The importance of Christian discipleship in election season.
Recognizing the ‘Sins of Our Fathers’ Means Admitting We’re Their Children
The Bible tells us we only escape original sin through our perfect savior.
Buenas noticias: Mañana moriremos
Por qué aceptar nuestra mortalidad puede ser bueno para nosotros.
Worst Translations relating to Women 4
The greatest impact? 1 Tim. 2:12
Karen Swallow Prior: Voting for Neither
Author and Professor Karen Swallow Prior on voting third-party in the upcoming election.
Aprendizaje y creatividad: Llamado de Dios aun en tiempos de crisis
La pandemia no es excusa para descuidar el llamado de Dios a estudiar y aprender.
From Persecuted to Polarized: What US Evangelicals Can Learn from Colombia
In the Western Hemisphere’s longest armed conflict, suffering has often inspired evangelical solidarity. Now the body of Christ is succumbing to self-harm.
Why I Read the Old Testament with Spiritual Seekers
Together, we discover Deuteronomy's Good News.
De la persecución a la polarización: lo que los evangélicos estadounidenses pueden aprender de los cristianos colombianos
En el conflicto más largo del hemisferio occidental, a menudo el sufrimiento ha inspirado la solidaridad evangélica. Ahora, el cuerpo de Cristo está sucumbiendo ante la autolesión.
The Bible Passes the Bechdel Test. It Also Goes Beyond It.
After a data-driven study of women’s conversations in Scripture, here’s what I found.

Top Story October 31, 2020

Ballot Initiatives Could Tighten Abortion Laws in Colorado, Louisiana
Ballot Initiatives Could Tighten Abortion Laws in Colorado, Louisiana
Plus voters in several other states weigh in on sex ed, armed defense in churches, and more.

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