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Weekly Meanderings, 8 August 2020
Our weekly selection of links across the web.
White Fragility: Behind the Worldview
Unraveling the contemporary critical theory behind White Fragility is key to deciphering its meaning.
N. T. Wright: La pandemia debería hacernos humildes e implacablemente prácticos
No podemos saber con certeza por qué está sucediendo o cómo detenerla. Pero las Escrituras nos llaman a lamentarnos con el Espíritu de Dios y a ponernos a trabajar sirviendo a los demás.
NT Wright: Pandemi Yang Terjadi Seharusnya Membuat Kita Rendah Hati — dan Praktis Tanpa Henti
Kita tidak bisa tahu dengan pasti mengapa hal ini terjadi atau bagaimana cara menghentikannya. Tetapi Alkitab menyerukan agar kita berduka bersama Roh Allah dan mulai saling melayani sesama kita.
How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
As Christian parents, our children must know we will keep them safe. But that does not mean keeping them comfortable.
Public Theology Isn’t Just for Academics
Our faith comes to life when we share our stories.
The Gospel Has Never Been Colorblind
With eyes wide open to the colorfulness of distinction, we can see the full beauty of humanity.
To Run and Not Grow Weary
White Fragility: “Eat the Meat, Spit Out the Bones”
Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility is not a Christian book, nor does it claim to be, but it can still be informative.
John Ortberg and the Pitfalls of Pastoral Discernment
When we consent to our calling as ministers of the gospel, we assent to be public imitators of all it proclaims.
One-on-One with John Kingston on ‘American Awakening’
Timeless truths guide the path to restoration of the soul, meaningful purpose and finding true community.
The Old Testament Calls Out Cancel Culture
The Bible features flawed characters called to do the will of the Lord.
So, How Do We Detect Grandstanding?
5 Kinds of Moral Grandstanding, but not one is foolproof
White Fragility: George Yancey Points a Different Way on Race
A summary of George Yancey's academic critique on 'White Fragility'
Spiritual Direction and Hospitality
What to do when one experiences spiritual nothingness?
The Manifesto of Galilee
Jesus' Galilean manifesto maps the way for the Brown Church
Preserving Our Body and Bodies for Worship
Has online worship acclimated us to our screens, or can we get physical again?
White Fragility: Why this Book is Important for Evangelicals
DiAngelo’s book serves as a reminder that when Christians fail to address issues of individual and systemic sin like white supremacy, the world will address it.
Have Your Political Views Become An Idol?
As followers of Christ who are engaging in this process, are we starting to cross a line that shouldn’t be crossed?
لماذا يريد العديد من المسيحيين مغادرة فلسطين. ولماذا يرفض معظمهم ذلك.
أفادت دراسة استقصائيّة أُجريَت مع ألاف المؤمنين المحليّين رغبة الأغلبية منهم في حل الدولة الواحدة، بينما تشكو الأقليّة من الحرية الدينية.

Top Story August 8, 2020

How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
As Christian parents, our children must know we will keep them safe. But that does not mean keeping them comfortable.

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