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God's New Family
Rethinking Jesus' words. "Woman, behold thy son … behold thy mother." An excerpt from The Seven Last Words from the Cross.
Advent's Spiritual Pilgrimage
The birth of Christ is only the final stop when meditating this holiday season. An excerpt from Ancient-Future Time: Forming Spirituality Through the Christian Year.
Every Fraud Needs a Cure
How perpetrators are more gullible than their victims. An excerpt from Cleaning Up.
Learning to Love Moses
The difference between meaning and truth.
Fundamentally Personal
At The Shawmut River Baptist Church, worship and preaching are saturated with the familiar, the at-home.
Evangelicals' Conflicting Interests in Fighting Persecution
It took more than a concern for human rights to motivate churches' and ministries' powerful grassroots.
When My Son Was Arrested for Murder
Finding faith under unthinkable circumstances.
Amazing Sin, How Deep We're Bound
Finding the courage to trust in grace.
'You Shall Not Worship Me This Way'
How even the worship of God can be idolatrous.
Let God Handle Your Sin
The Christian life isn't so hard when you let God do all the work
Evangelicalism's Dark Side and Popular Culture
"Evangelicals may feel that stories of supernatural battles between good and evil belong to them, but they cannot control how these stories will be reconfigured once they enter the realm of entertainment media"
The 'Ample' Man Who Saved My Faith
G.K. Chesterton propounded the Christian faith with great wit—and sheer intellectual force.
Fundamentalism Revisited
Evangelicals would do well to remember fundamentalism as family history.
Rock-solid Relationships
The Pilgrim's pastor lays the foundation for Thanksgiving.
Living with Furious Opposites
Grace blossoms in affliction, triumph arises out of failure, hope abounds amidst struggle—and on it goes.
What the Puritans Taught Me
They kept their eyes on heaven as pilgrims traveling home to the Celestial City.

Top Story December 10, 2023

‘The Poor Will Always Be Among You’ Is a Call to Obedience
‘The Poor Will Always Be Among You’ Is a Call to Obedience
This verse can be misconstrued as a justification for systemic poverty. But what does it really mean?

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