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Egypt Church Fire Kills 41, Sparks Blame of Building Law’s Legacy
Reforms have legalized 2,400 Christian structures, yet Abu Seifein represents problems from when construction and repair permits were impossible to obtain.
117명의 신도가 증언한 북한의 기독교인을 향한 박해
비밀리에 신앙을 지키는 기독교 신자들을 억압하는 방법과 그들의 이름, 그 외 신앙에 관한 보고서
Indian National Day of Prayer Raises Tricolor and Red Flags
Hundreds of churches bless the world’s largest democracy as India celebrates 75 years of independence amid its many growing pains.
Mission Schools Sexual Abuse Suit Dismissed on Technicality
A North Carolina judge says the Nigerian statute of limitations prevents the case from going forward.
Проблем багато, та робітників чимало: євангельські християни об'єднуються навколо України
20 європейських організацій приєдналися до допомоги внутрішньо переміщеним особам, у тому числі в подоланні довгострокових емоційних травм.
Трудностей много, но делателей немало: евангельские христиане объединяются вокруг Украины
20 европейских организаций присоединились к помощи внутренне перемещенным лицам, в том числе, в преодолении долгосрочных эмоциональных травм.
Justice Department Investigates Southern Baptist Convention Over Abuse
SBC has commited to cooperating with the federal investigation, which spans multiple entities.
The Village Church Settles Abuse Complaint
The Southern Baptist congregation led by Acts 29 president Matt Chandler maintained it hadn’t done anything wrong, infuriating the family of the victim.
Anglican Division over Scripture and Sexuality Heads South
After Lambeth conference steers bishops to agree to disagree on LGBT clergy and marriages, African conservatives chart a new course.
New York City’s Largest Evangelical Church Plans Billion-Dollar Development
The Brooklyn congregation and its pastor A.R. Bernard hope the Jane Jacobs–inspired urban village will be a model for other cities.
Alexander Hamilton Raps His Way to Jesus at Texas Church
Unlicensed production prompts cease-and-desist letter from Broadway musical.
La iglesia evangélica se une en torno a Ucrania en medio de las dificultades
20 grupos europeos sumaron fuerzas para centrarse en ministrar a los desplazados internos.
Died: Stuart Briscoe, Renowned British Preacher and Wisconsin Pastor
As a child, he found the courage to be a nonconformist. As an adult, to trust the Holy Spirit.
The Hardship Is Plentiful But the Workers Aren’t Few: Evangelicals Unite on Ukraine
20 European groups join as focus shifts to the internally displaced and their long-term trauma.
Assemblies of God Ordains Record Number of Women
There is work to do and some of those God has called to do it are female, Pentecostal leaders say.
Foursquare Abuse Response Ignites Fight over Transparency
An investigation found a “culture of unchecked power” at a Virginia college. Denominational leadership has declined to speak about it publicly.
With an Eye to Mission and Money, More Evangelical Universities Go Green
New financing mechanisms reduce the cost of reducing emissions.

Top Story August 20, 2022

Focus on the Quality of Chinese Christians, Not Their Quantity
Why Theologians Aren’t as Excited About Chinese Christianity’s Growth as Sociologists
Success for the church looks different depending on your discipline.

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