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Asking God to Reduce Carbon Emissions
Christians organize prayer campaign ahead of climate change conference in Glasgow.
Died: Ashur Eskrya, Champion of Iraq’s Displaced Christians
President of the Assyrian Aid Society–Iraq (AASI) passes away from COVID-19 complications.
現在因高風險交易而成為金融頭條的Archegos Capital的首席執行官,也因對基督教事工的慷慨奉獻而聞名。
现在因高风险交易而成为金融头条的Archegos Capital的首席执行官,也因对基督教事工的慷慨奉献而闻名。
Died: Teen Missions Founder Bob Bland, Who Put Young Missionaries Through Boot Camp
With his Florida training program and international construction projects, he empowered young people who didn’t want to wait to do something for God.
Police Block and Barricade Canadian Church Over COVID-19 Violations
The pastor of the Alberta congregation recently spent a month in jail for repeated refusals to comply.
InterVarsity Wins Suit Against Wayne State
UPDATE: University’s nondiscrimination policy unconstitutionally discriminated against the campus ministry.
Why Black Pastors Still Stay Southern Baptist
Even with disputes over Trump and critical race theory pushing some minority leaders out, others stand by the missional advantage in the country’s largest Protestant body.
Women and African Americans Now More Likely to Leave the SBC, But So Is Everybody Else
Though data shows declines across the board, departing members aren’t going far.
Franklin Graham Wins British Bus Ad Censorship Suit
Evangelist’s LGBT views are protected by UK Equality Act, court rules.
Churches Plunge Ahead with Easter Baptisms
New converts show the impact of distanced discipleship during pandemic shutdowns.
Le secret d’une Église du Kentucky pour répondre aux allégations d'abus : l’humilité
L'Église presbytérienne de Tates Creek s’est vue félicitée pour la transparence de son enquête. Puis elle a dû recommencer. 
Convictions in Case of Christian Journalist Murdered in Turkey Fail to Satisfy
Family of Hrant Dink, proponent of reconciliation between Turks and Armenians who riled government officials through his genocide advocacy, say justice has not gone deep enough.
Wall Street Crisis Could Cost Evangelical Orgs
The CEO of Archegos Capital, now making financial headlines for risky trading, is also known for his generous commitment to Christian ministries.
German Pastor Hopeful in Fight to Remain in Turkey
Wave of Christian expat expulsions leaves many churches without leaders.
Sudan Confirms Religious Freedom with Nuba Mountains Rebels
First agreed between SPLM-N rebel group and civilian prime minister, peace deal provision to separate religion and state gets cemented with military signature.
To Further Religious Freedom Among Muslims, Can Women Succeed Where Men Have Not?
Films, courses, and dialogue groups invite—rather than confront—Islamic societies toward greater openness. But will accompanying “intersectionality” undercut support?
RZIM이 더 이상 사과하지 않을 것입니다
[업데이트] 라비 재커라이어스의 단체는 피해자 증언 요청 및 단체 이름 변경에 대한 계획을 발표하고 사역의 극적인 변화를 예고했다.
Kanakuk Kamps Abuse Reexamined In New Report
Eleven years later, an investigation by David and Nancy French plus a site for victims try to grasp the extent of predatory behavior by a longtime camp director.
Terrorists Target Palm Sunday Church Service in Indonesia
(UPDATED) Suicide bomb attack on Catholic Mass in Makassar, South Sulawesi, injures 20. Authorities blame local ISIS affiliate.

Top Story April 11, 2021

Quarantine as Caretaker
Steadfast | 44 min
Quarantine as Caretaker
How Andi Ashworth has cultivated patience while being separated from those she loves.

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