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The American Mosque: More Suburban, Less Conversion
As “mosque planting” and “unmosqued youth” increasingly resemble patterns in the church, evangelical experts reflect on implications for faith and witness.
Southern Baptists Take Sides Ahead of Nashville Meeting
A recent call to investigate the Executive Committee over abuse responses is the latest issue up for debate. Opposing factions in the SBC both say its future is at stake.
Algeria Returns a Historic Church, But Stops Christian Worship at 20 Others
One court yields keys to colonial-era worship site, while another issues verdict for prominent pastor facing proselytism charges.
Thanking God for Miracles, Asylum Seekers Enter US
With the end of Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, new needs challenge Christian ministries helping migrants.
Hillsong Atlanta Launches Sunday Services With Hip Hop and Gospel Worship
Sam Collier, Hillsong’s first African American senior pastor, calls for revival in the birthplace of civil rights.
Charles Stanley: Not Selling CBD
Social media scam is using the Baptist preacher’s name to advertise gummies, oil.
Loving the Foreigners—Even When They Have a Deadly Disease
Inspired by Deuteronomy, Singapore Christians win praise for serving migrant workers at epicenter of COVID-19 outbreak.
Hobby Lobby Sues Oxford Professor for $7 Million
Ancient papyri with gospel texts were allegedly stolen.
Why the SBC Published a Report Alleging Paige Patterson’s Seminary Theft
The ongoing dispute between Southwestern and its former president reflects a larger rift over his place in the denomination.
Cru Divided Over Emphasis on Race
Within the parachurch ministry, critics allege its recent approach to diversity has relied on critical race theory and resulted in “mission drift.”
Catholic Couple Acquitted of Blasphemy after 7 Years on Pakistan’s Death Row
Shaguftah Kausar replaced Asia Bibi in her prison cell. Now she and husband Shafqat Emmanuel are finally free.
Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga Raises $5M for TV Series
On a new platform called Angel Studios, the campaign broke crowdfunding records set by “The Chosen.”
Fortress Europe: As Islam Expands, Should the US Imitate the ‘Christian’ Continent?
As anti-Muslim sentiment grows in the West, European evangelical consultant urges a better response than burqa bans.
Died: B.J. Thomas, Born-Again Singer Who Clashed with Evangelical Fans
Popular artist professed Jesus and earned five gospel Grammys before turning back to secular music.
Tulsa Church Ledger Preserves Stories of Faith After Historic Massacre
For 100th anniversary, the Museum of the Bible restored the “Book of Redemption.”
China Sanctions Evangelical Leader Who Called Out Religious Freedom Violations
Johnnie Moore, an outgoing USCIRF commissioner, spoke up to ask governments to stop ignoring Chinese treatment of Uighur Muslims, Christians, and Tibetan Buddhists.
Southern Baptists Prep for Biggest Convention in 24 Years
President J. D. Greear calls for prayers for gospel unity ahead of the Nashville gathering.
Died: Eilat Mazar, Archaeologist Who Believed the Bible
In 50 years of excavation, she connected modern Israel to Hebrew kings and prophets.
More than a Meal: How Austin Ministries Are Expanding Their Approach to Homelessness
After the city voted to ban encampments in the Texas capital, more churches see advocacy, lobbying, and government partnerships as part of their outreach.
Mísseis, tumultos, sermões e futebol: perspectivas cristãs sobre o conflito em Gaza e Israel
Como uma dúzia de judeus messiânicos e cristãos palestinos estão tentando ministrar ao longo dessa divisão, enquanto o Hamas e as forças de defesa de Israel entram em guerra mais uma vez.

Top Story June 14, 2021

The Woodstock Generation Swallowed Me Up and Spit Me Out
The Woodstock Generation Swallowed Me Up and Spit Me Out
One summer in a hippie commune soured me on the ’60s counterculture. God met me in my disillusionment.

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