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Is Skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee Sacrilegious?Subscriber Access Only
A nude congressman reportedly took a dip in Israel's biblical site.
Family Research Council Points to Southern Poverty Law Center in Sparking Shooter’s ReactionSubscriber Access Only
The gunman was carrying 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches when he was arrested.
Can Cities Really Block Chick-fil-A?Subscriber Access Only
Some attorneys say no as Billy Graham, Mike Huckabee, and others voiced support for the fast-food chain.
Bible Museum Planned for Washington, D.C.Subscriber Access Only
The museum, which will charge admission, is expected to open within the next four years.
Museum of Biblical Art Raises its Profile Amid Array of ChallengesSubscriber Access Only
Founding director is leaving, half its funding is set to end, and rumors are swirling about its lease.
Miss America Has a Faith-based Platform for Kids of PrisonersSubscriber Access Only
Laura Keppeler makes glamorous appearances for a most unglamorous cause.
Billionaire Names Two Finalists for Free Mass. CampusSubscriber Access Only
C.S. Lewis College plans for former Moody campus died earlier this year, so the Green family will give the site away.
Supreme Court Decision on Religion Upends Campus Religious GroupsSubscriber Access Only
 Nearly two years after the Christian Legal Society v. Martinez ruling, the case is causing strife for religious groups across U.S. college campuses.
Why Ash Wednesday Belongs out of the Church and out on the StreetsSubscriber Access Only
We suspect that penitence is usually done best when one joins in a community.
Who Wants a Free Christian Campus?Subscriber Access Only
C.S. Lewis College plans for former Moody campus in Mass. die. Now Green family is giving the site away.
Katrina Volunteers Continue, Even When it Costs ThemSubscriber Access Only
Volunteers remain willing to donate time and labor, even if it means that they have to pay.
Deadly Afghan Riots Blamed on Qur'an Burning at Fla. ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Terry Jones says he's not responsible.
Beck Wants to Lead, But Will Evangelicals Follow?Subscriber Access Only
Once uncomfortable with Mitt Romney, evangelicals appear mixed on Glenn Beck.
Churches Scramble to Meet FCC Rules on Wireless MicsSubscriber Access Only
The Federal Communications Commission recently mandated that anyone using wireless microphones on the 700 MHz band must stop.
Assemblies of God Leader Bows Out of Civility StatementSubscriber Access Only
Signatories included nonevangelicals and people who support gay marriage and abortion rights.
Obama's Spiritual CabinetSubscriber Access Only
The President looks to seven men and women to shape policy, tend his soul.
For Churches, How Much Risk Is Too Much?Subscriber Access Only
For some leaders, taking steps to prevent disasters is a matter of faithfulness.
Christian Retailers Seek Federal Probe of CompetitorsSubscriber Access Only
CBA asks Justice Department to investigate pricing by larger companies.
Evangelicals Endorse Immigration ReformSubscriber Access Only
The National Association of Evangelicals' board overwhelmingly approved a resolution to seek 'faith and equal treatment' of immigrants.
Supreme Court Weighs Fate of Mojave CrossSubscriber Access Only
The court considered whether a transfer of property changes a church-state question.
I Was a Violent Klansman Who Deserved to Die
I Was a Violent Klansman Who Deserved to Die
Yet at the height of my segregationist fervor, God showed me mercy.
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