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2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers
From gift books to Bibles, we've got you covered.
Jesus me encontrou na manhã do meu funeral
Eu estava vestido para ser enterrado, quando ele me deu a missão de proclamar seu nome.
Mulheres cristãs solteiras são muito mais do que meros ventres
A igreja primitiva exaltava mulheres pelo seu testemunho de fé, não por sua fertilidade. Deveríamos fazer o mesmo hoje.
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Ministry Resilience in the Face of Cancel Culture
He Gets Us presents 'The Influencer'
Blessed Are the Rich, for They Can Afford to Limit Their Kids’ Screen Time
Too much tech is bad for children. But are we only discipling families ‘entrusted with much’?
The Golden Chain Linking God’s People: Arab Christians Active Since Pentecost
Three historic Arab theologians show how to explain the Trinity to Muslims and remind modern Christians not to jump straight from Augustine to Reformation Europe.
Worship in a Time of Trauma: New Releases Offer Songs for Healing
Christian artists open up about mental health, abuse, and loss.
Andy Stanley’s ‘Unconditional’ Contradiction
The Atlanta-area pastor has said he affirms a New Testament sexual ethic, but his words and deeds have muddled that message.
Green Card Change Leaves Thousands of Foreign-Born Pastors in Limbo
The wait for those with religious worker visas suddenly grew by years due to a procedural shift, and advocates and attorneys fear they could lose their place in the US.
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 74|45min
Yascha Mounk’s Answer to the Identity Trap
The academic and writer talks ideas, influence, power, and politics.
A Tribute to a Quiet Baseball Star in an Age of Christian Celebrity
Instead of flashy religiosity, Tim Wakefield had a privately influential faith.
Where Ya From?Episode 54|1 hr
Faith, Apologetics, and the Future of Christianity with Justin Brierley
Apologetics is more than winning philosophical arguments about God; it’s demonstrating God’s love alongside his truth.
How a CrossFit Gym Is Making a Small Town Strong
A new documentary captures how an exercise community helps people dealing with addiction—and offers an example for churches.
Signs & Secrets of the Messiah
By Rabbi Jason Sobel
The Great Disappearance
By Dr. David Jeremiah
Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table
By Louie Giglio

Top Story October 4, 2023

Andy Stanley’s ‘Unconditional’ Contradiction
Andy Stanley’s ‘Unconditional’ Contradiction
The Atlanta-area pastor has said he affirms a New Testament sexual ethic, but his words and deeds have muddled that message.

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