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Adopting Hope | 49 min
Fran Atchison: Adoption in an Unjust World
Working in social services revealed the urgency of adoption and foster care.
Adopting Hope | 41 min
Sara Jones: God’s Plans for Your Children May Surprise You
One family’s unexpected journey from international adoption to caring for a child with special needs.
Adopting Hope | 47 min
Podcast: Jodi Jackson Tucker
How a struggle with infertility led from exploring adoption to leading the Orphan Care Alliance.
Hungary Amends Constitution with Traditional Definition of Family
The legal changes explicitly promote “Christian culture” while barring LGBT adoptions.
Adopting Hope | 46 min
Andy and Martha Cook
How God stoked a desire in one family to bring hurting children into their home.
Supreme Court Reconsiders Religious Liberty Rule in Foster Care Case
Catholics ask for the exemption that a Native American church didn’t get for drug law.
Dr. Ibram Kendi, Amy Coney Barrett and Evangelical Adoption
Transracial adoption doesn't make you non-racist. But it doesn't make you racist either.
버려졌다는 아픔 경험을 가진 입양아들
우리는 아이들을 섬기려고 하는가, 아니면 섬김을 받으려 하는가?
Adopted Children Have Already Been ‘Re-Homed’
A therapist and adoptee asks: Are we seeking to serve or be served by our children?
Christians Fight to Bring Adopted Kids Home from Overseas
The pandemic left families stranded, plans delayed, and some adoptions called off entirely, following a year of historic lows and increased government regulations.
We May Be ‘Safer at Home.’ But Many At-Risk Kids Aren’t.
The rising demand for foster families presents an opportunity for the church.
Forgive Us Our Self-Interested Love
Jesus’ generous sacrifice calls us far beyond our own inclinations.
Bethany Will End International Adoptions
Agency VP: The future of child welfare is local.
Despite HHS Change, Christian Foster Agencies Still Fight LGBT Requirements
The new federal policy doesn’t stop legal battles on the state and local levels.
The Christian History of Korean-American Adoption
How World Vision and Compassion International sparked an Oregon family to raise eight mixed-race children.
One-on-One with Todd Chipman on ‘Until Every Child Is Home’
“Orphan care ministries provide church leaders an opportunity to exemplify the gospel for their congregations and to the world.”
Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Clinics Have the Same Adoption Referral Rate: 1%
Why adoption has become a less popular option.
Christians Can’t Back Out of the Foster System Now
Bethany CEO: Too many kids need loving families. And that’s why we decided to comply with Michigan’s new requirements.
America’s Largest Christian Adoption Agency Lets LGBT Couples Foster in 1 of 35 States
After ACLU lawsuit, Bethany Christian Services shifts foster care placement policy to comply with Michigan’s new requirements.
Foster Ministry Gets to Keep Protestants-Only Policy—And Federal Funds
Conservative Christians cheer HHS waiver for South Carolina's Miracle Hill.

Top Story January 15, 2021

Are the 81 Percent Evangelicals?
Are the 81 Percent Evangelicals?
Just because people claim the name shouldn’t automatically imply they heed what it means.

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