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Boomers, Take It from Woody or Iron Man: It’s Time to Pass the Torch
This summer’s blockbusters showcase the importance of transferring wisdom between generations.
A Visit with Luis Palau, Still on Fire for Christ in the Sunset of Life
Despite terminal lung cancer, the Argentinian-born evangelist remains full of energy and evangelistic passion.
Retirement for Those Who Can’t
Do Christian understandings of work and aging accommodate those who can’t afford to leave their jobs behind?
The Biggest Difference Between Churches That Are Raising Young Leaders And Those That Aren't
We cannot simultaneously mourn the absence of young church leaders while belittling the way they lead.
Can Anti-Aging Treatments Offer Abundant Life?Subscriber Access Only
Science seeks to fix aging and death. But a Christian vision of the good life might actually embrace them.
A Place for Death in the Life of the Church
What does faithful ministry look like in a church that sees more funerals than baptisms?
How to Stay Married When You’re Stuck Between Needy Teens and Aging Parents
When my father fell ill, these three tools helped sustain my faith—and my marriage.
The Beginning of Dementia Isn’t the End of GraceSubscriber Access Only
How the church can come to the aid of sufferers and their loved ones.
In 'Cars 3,' Humility Finishes First over Generational ConflictSubscriber Access Only
The classic Pixar franchise returns with a refreshing look at what it means to pass the torch onward.
Ben Sasse: Adolescence Is a Gift, but Extended Adolescence Is a TrapSubscriber Access Only
The Nebraska senator wants parents to get serious about shepherding kids into responsible adulthood.
Only 1 in 7 Senior Pastors Is Under 40Subscriber Access Only
Report finds passing pulpits to millennials a ‘glaring challenge.’
When Prolonging Life Means Prolonging SufferingSubscriber Access Only
A trauma surgeon on when letting go of our loved ones is the most God-honoring thing we can do.
Your Kids Don’t Need a MegachurchSubscriber Access Only
What children learn about community without the bells and whistles
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We Don’t Age Out of Our Sexuality
Balancing love, desire, and the demands of midlife.
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Young and Old Can Still Worship Jesus Together
A healthy inter-generational church is one of the few places where young and old can come together and learn from each other.
The Pro-Life Call to Remember our ‘Old Acquaintance’Subscriber Access Only
Seeing the aged as a blessing rather than a burden.
Monotony Is the Spice of LifeSubscriber Access Only
An excerpt from "40/40 Vision: Clarifying Your Mission in Midlife."
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Becoming a First-Time Mom at Age 41Subscriber Access Only
How later-in-life motherhood renewed my youth.
Fear of Missing Out Isn't Just a SeasonSubscriber Access Only
FOMO is real, and it takes on a new dimension at midlife.
Don’t Like How Your Church Is Changing? This Is For You
My tribute to those who feel left behind when you don’t recognize your own church anymore.
Scripture and Neuroscience Agree: It Helps to Lament in Community
Scripture and Neuroscience Agree: It Helps to Lament in Community
Through song, liturgy, and communion, the body of Christ inhabits the suffering experienced by its weakest members.
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