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Died: Robertson McQuilkin, College President Praised for Alzheimer’s Resignation
Author of 'A Promise Kept' left Columbia Bible College short of retirement to care for his ailing wife.
Morning Roundup 11/6/14
Alzheimer's and Glen Campbell; Scientific Study of Religion; Theological Views
10 Truths from Second Forgetting by Benjamin Mast
Remembering the power of the Gospel during Alzheimer's disease
My Family's Journey through Alzheimer'sSubscriber Access Only
The unexpected beauty I found amid the terrifying disease.
Perfectly Human: Gifts from a Declining Mind by David Hilfiker
How an Alzheimer's diagnosis has brought great and unexpected joy.
'Imago Dei' in a Nursing HomeSubscriber Access Only
Bringing Alzheimer's into the pro-life Christian conscience.
Seeing the Hidden Grace of Alzheimer'sSubscriber Access Only
Those who appear weak and foolish can be powerful conduits of God's love.
Pat Robertson Repudiates the GospelSubscriber Access Only
The broadcaster's advice to divorce an Alzheimer's patient is more than an embarrassment.
The Gradual Grief of Alzheimer'sSubscriber Access Only
Robertson McQuilkin reflects on his wife's long battle with Alzheimer's.
Living by VowsSubscriber Access Only
As his wife suffered with Alzheimer's, Robertson McQuilkin said, If I took care of her for 40 years, I would never be out of her debt.
Muriel's BlessingSubscriber Access Only
Despite the toll of his wife's Alzheimer's, a husband marvels at the mystery of love.

Top Story August 12, 2020

Christian Colleges: God Wants You to Wear a Mask to Class
Christian Colleges: God Wants You to Wear a Mask to Class
With new campus covenants, dozens of evangelical schools are extending calls to “love your neighbor” to apply to a range of coronavirus safeguards.

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