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5 Books That Help Us Understand Angels and DemonsSubscriber Access Only
Chosen by Graham Cole, author of "Against the Darkness: The Doctrine of Angels, Satan, and Demons" (Crossway).
Melancholy Angels
God’s messengers can be both bombastic and surprisingly subdued.
Trapped Inside My Own Body for 12 Years
Everyone thought I couldn't hear them, but I did.
What I'm Reading and Tweeting
What's the most interesting thing you've read this week?
The Day of Small Things: A Guest Post from Laurel Moffatt
God has a heartbeat!
Angels We Ignore On HighSubscriber Access Only
Reintroducing evangelicals to the heavenly hosts.
The Risks God TakesSubscriber Access Only
Why a little church history is a dangerous—and necessary—thing.
Patrick and Celtic Christianity: A Gallery of Extravagant Tales of Remarkable FaithSubscriber Access Only
The legendary exploits of four early Celtic leaders.
Testing the ProphetsSubscriber Access Only
In the Montanist controversy, did the church reject heresy or the Holy Spirit?
BOOKS: Worth MentioningSubscriber Access Only
News, notices, and curiosities
Books That Almost Made ItSubscriber Access Only
Excerpt from a popular writing that some wanted to include in the New Testament: The Shepherd of Hermas

Top Story February 26, 2020

The Cross Changes Everything
The Cross Changes Everything
Why the Crucifixion is the center of our theology—and our lives.

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