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New HHS Rule Protects Pro-Life Health Care Workers
UPDATE: Under Trump, federal policy keeps shifting away from abortion rights in favor of religious conscience protections.
Almost No One in the US Believes in a ‘Consistent Ethic of Life’
Pope Francis’ critique of President Trump would apply to 96 percent of Americans, surveys suggest.
The Beginning of Dementia Isn’t the End of GraceSubscriber Access Only
How the church can come to the aid of sufferers and their loved ones.
Opposition to Assisted Suicide Dies OutSubscriber Access Only
Most Americans, including 4 in 10 evangelicals, want doctors to help terminally ill patients end their lives.
The Precarious Future of Assisted Suicide
'Culture of Death' sounds the alarm on pending medical bioethics legislation and other troubling trends.
When Prolonging Life Means Prolonging SufferingSubscriber Access Only
A trauma surgeon on when letting go of our loved ones is the most God-honoring thing we can do.
Physician-Assisted Suicide in California Becomes Legal as Gov. Brown Signs BillSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Controversial law, inspired by Brittany Maynard, allows physicians to prescribe lethal drugs to terminally ill.
Assisted Suicide and Real Death with DignitySubscriber Access Only
Advocates say that choosing when we die is a fundamental right. My late husband thought otherwise.
More Evangelicals Believe Suicide Is a Moral RightSubscriber Access Only
At least in certain situations, according to new Pew Research survey on end-of-life medical treatment.
A Time to DieSubscriber Access Only
Americans have forgotten the art of dying.
The End Is Not the EndSubscriber Access Only
C. Everett Koop on death and dying.
My Top 5 Books on Life EthicsSubscriber Access Only
Quieter KillingsSubscriber Access Only
Physician-assisted suicide is spreading beyond Oregon's borders.
Not a Mercy but a SinSubscriber Access Only
The modern push for euthanasia is a push against a two-millenniums-old Christian tradition.
Euthanasia ConfusionSubscriber Access Only
Newspaper accounts of end-of-life debates too often muddle the issues.
Let Us Reason Together About LifeSubscriber Access Only
A new statement from Evangelicals and Catholics Together encourages discourse on the most divisive of issues.
Dutch Expand Euthanasia RulesSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Schwarzenegger vetoes gay marriage bill while Connecticut offers civil unions, more from the Intelligent Design trial, Christians in the academy, and more articles from online sources around the world.
Supreme Court Will Consider Oregon's Assisted Suicide LawSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Korn guitarist converts and quits; hearing today may be Terri Schiavo's last chance, WCC calls for Israel divestment, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Dutch Doctors Want to Kill the HealthySubscriber Access Only
Plus: Sri Lanka's anti-conversion bill ruled unconstitutional, Namibia bans all religious broadcasting, violence against Christians thwarted in Indonesia and Philippines, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Living SacrificesSubscriber Access Only
Life is about more than minimizing pain and maximizing pleasure.

Top Story July 8, 2020

Can the Church Save Marriage?
Can the Church Save Marriage?
Matrimony rates are in decline, even among conservative Christians. Here’s what that means for the future.

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