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The Cost of Religious FreedomSubscriber Access Only
When advocacy for persecuted Christians harms their fellow believers.
The 10 Celebrities Evangelicals Trust Most and Least on Politics
Survey ranks political endorsements from Trump to Oprah to Jerry Falwell Jr.
Billy in the Oval Office: A Story of Faith, Friendship, and Temptation
Journalist Nancy Gibbs recalls Graham's relationship with six decades of American presidents.
Stephen Mansfield: Why So Many Conservative Christians Wanted a ‘Pagan Brawler’ in the White HouseSubscriber Access Only
And how their choice of Trump has affected the church since last year’s election.
Joel Hunter Is Done Pastoring His Orlando Megachurch
(UPDATED) Obama’s spiritual adviser explains why his gifts are at 'their highest potential' but his call to local churches like Northland is ‘fulfilled.’
What Iraqi Christians Want the American Government to KnowSubscriber Access Only
What are the history and political priorities of this tiny minority community?
Why Reinhold Niebuhr Still Haunts American PoliticsSubscriber Access Only
The Christian political theologian continues to inspire—and confound—those on the right and the left.
Trump Signs Law to Let States Defund Planned ParenthoodSubscriber Access Only
New legislation reverses Obama's 'parting gift' to the pro-choice movement.
3 Priorities for Evangelicals in the Trump YearsSubscriber Access Only
Actually, they’re worth pursuing no matter who occupies the White House.
Obama to Imprisoned Pastor's Wife: Saving Saeed Abedini in Iran Is 'a Top Priority'Subscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Obama tells Iran to 'immediately release' Abedini, who writes son on 7th birthday.
President Obama Cites Exodus on Immigration Reform: 'We Were Strangers Once Too'Subscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Reactions from Sam Rodriguez, Russell Moore, Jenny Yang, Noel Castellanos on Obama's motive vs. method.
Immigration and Church—Why It Matters
New research shows pastors recognize the responsibility of caring for the immigrant.
Does Islam Encourage Violence More Than Other Religions?Subscriber Access Only
New Pew survey examines who says yes and no.
Obama's Contract KillerSubscriber Access Only
Why Christian organizations were concerned about Obama’s executive order—even though so few were directly affected.
Code-Switching for the KingdomSubscriber Access Only
Sometimes the gospel sounds like, “Nobody can do me like Jesus.”
Leading Rabbi Nominated as First Non-Christian Religious Freedom AmbassadorSubscriber Access Only
Obama nomination of David Saperstein will require strong Senate support.
New Executive Orders on LGBT Discrimination Don't Exempt Religious OrgsSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) But Obama won't withdraw memo on religious discrimination.
Morning Roundup 4/8/14
Religious Freedom Talk is Cheap; President Obama's Catholic Roots; The Truth About Obama's Catholic Roots
Our Brothers' Keepers: A Brokenhearted Black Woman Speaks OutSubscriber Access Only
Watching the disproportionate fear and struggle faced by black men in America.
Morning Roundup 3/6/14
Two Million Evangelical Scientists; Improving Odds of Minority Boys; Megan Alexander

Top Story August 9, 2020

How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
As Christian parents, our children must know we will keep them safe. But that does not mean keeping them comfortable.

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