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Can the Cycle of Poverty Be Broken? Yes, If Churches Help
Hunger relief leaders say partnerships with pastors make all the difference.
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Prioritizing Compassion in Christian Higher Education
What does it mean to flourish through adversity?
Shiny Miserable Family: How Bill Gothard’s Ministry Missed the Sin Inside
The Duggar documentary shows how the fundamentalist movement got parenting and children wrong.
Southwestern Seminary Blames $140M Deficit on Overspending
Over 20 years and two presidencies, the school went millions beyond its budget while enrollment continued to decline.
Parcours de vie : Pat Robertson, pionnier de la radiodiffusion et de la télévision chrétienne grand public
Avec CBN, « The 700 Club », la Regent University, la Christian Coalition et une candidature à la présidence, il a changé la place des évangéliques dans la vie publique.
After Online Debates, Southern Baptists Get Down to Business
Top issues at the annual meeting in New Orleans include Saddleback, female pastors, abuse reform, and entity finances.
Ne prétendez pas que la loi ougandaise sur l’homosexualité est chrétienne.
Tout ce qui est péché n’est pas crime, et encore moins crime passible de la peine de mort.
Finding Joy When the Fig Tree Does Not Bud
The prophet Habakkuk counsels us to trust in God’s promises despite our circumstances.
Ces classiques qui nous dénigrent, Jésus peut en faire des œuvres nouvelles.
En tant qu’Américaine d’origine asiatique, la grande histoire de Dieu m’aide à aimer une littérature qui me met souvent de côté.
The Bulletin Episode 28|57min
Exit Music (For A Church)
Shiny Happy People, Pat Robertson’s legacy, and why people are losing their religion.
Помер Пет Робертсон, піонер християнського телемовлення, який зробив християнське телебачення масовим
Він заснував CBN, «Клуб 700», Ріджентський університет, Християнську коаліцію й висував свою кандидатуру на пост президента, змінивши таким чином місце євангельських християн у суспільному житті.
Скончался Пэт Робертсон, пионер христианского телевещания, сделавший христианское телевидение массовым
Он основал CBN, «Клуб 700», Риджентский университет, Христианскую коалицию и выдвигал свою кандидатуру на пост президента, изменив, таким образом, место евангельских христиан в общественной жизни.
Wafat: Pat Robertson, Pelopor Penyiaran yang Membawa TV Kristen ke Arus Utama
Dengan CBN, The 700 Club, Regent, Christian Coalition, dan pencalonan diri sebagai presiden, dia mengubah kedudukan kaum Injili dalam kehidupan publik.
Pastors: Lead Not Your Church into Fear of AI
We can use generative apps for ministry and make our congregations aware of its dangers.
Faith Over Fear: How a Persecuted Church Is Rising to Love Its Refugee Neighbors
While risking its own safety, a parachurch organization in Pakistan is boldly caring for its refugee neighbors from Afghanistan.
PCA’s 50th Anniversary Comes During a Season of Grief
Presbyterians expect less fight and more fatigue as they gather following the Covenant shooting and the deaths of Harry Reeder and Tim Keller.
Died: Pat Robertson, Broadcast Pioneer Who Brought Christian TV to the Mainstream
With CBN, “The 700 Club,” Regent, the Christian Coalition, and a run for president, he changed evangelicals’ place in public life.
Viral JesusEpisode 74|52min
Mark Batterson: 3 Words That Could Change Your Life
“Please,” “Sorry,” and “Thanks” have the power to strengthen love, disrupt hate, and lift us higher.

Top Story June 9, 2023

PCA’s 50th Anniversary Comes During a Season of Grief
PCA’s 50th Anniversary Comes During a Season of Grief
Presbyterians expect less fight and more fatigue as they gather following the Covenant shooting and the deaths of Harry Reeder and Tim Keller.

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